Persian Poetry by Bozorgmehr vaziri about Iranian New Year NoRuz
Happy Easter, Happy Resurection Day, Jesus' Empty Tomb is the main Principle of Our Belief as Followers of Jesus Christ, He has Risen, He is Alive and overcame Death so We may Have Ethernal Life, He died for our Sins on the Cross and after 3 days rose from Death, His Empty Tomb is the Sign of Our Hope & Victory


How to Raise, Guide and Discipline your Child according to the Bible

A Persian Christian Book by TALIM Ministries Inc.

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Biblical principles in raising your Child Table of Contents,  How to Discipline a child accroding to to Jesus and the Bible - How to maintain a Christ Centered father child relationship - A Persian Christian Book by Tat Stewart of Talim Ministries for Iranian Christians Proper method and motives for raiding a Godly Child, How to Discipline your Child accroding to the Bible, How to be a Godly Mother to your Child,
 - A Persian Christian Book by Tat Stewart of Talim Ministries on components of Biblical Parenting, A Parsi Christian Book on how to Guide and Discipline a Child
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Free Persian Christian Resources Spiritual Reflection - Church of Dallas - تأملاتى در روحانيت - از كليساى ايرانيان دالاس
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* Truth About Occult and Witchcraft - حقیقت: فالگیری، جادوگری، احضار روح
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Haji Firuz a symbol of Persian new Year NowRuz which is the first day of Spring, NowRuz Piruz Iranians celebrate Persian new Year NowRuz on the first day of Spring, NowRuz Farkhondeh First day of Spring is Persian new Year NowRuz, NowRuz Khojasteh baad Haji Firuzeh, Saalee Yek Ruzeh Haji Firuz is a sign of Persian new Year coming on the first day of Spring Haji Firuz dances for NowRuz Haji Firuz celebrates first day of Spring NowRuz is celebrated by Iranians, Afghans, Tajiks, Turks and many other people group around Iran Haji Firuz announce sthe coming of Spring, NowRuz - Persian New year Dance to the music of NowRuz with Haji Firuz

Happy Sizdeh'Bedar - Last day of NowRuz Festivities

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