Cure International is a non-profit organization delivering life-changing surgery and the good news of God's love to children and families suffering with curable physical disabilities. Since 1998, our hospitals and programs in 25 countries around the world have seen over 1.6 million patients, performed over 128,000 surgeries, and trained over 5,200 medical professionals.

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Tea Links

Green tea extract
Health information about green tea.
Tea mini-FAQ, part 1 and part 2.
A mini-FAQ from the newsgroup Not to be confused with the MiniFAQ mentioned above...
Chinese Tea Ceremony
A article in Urban Desires.
A Nice Cup of Tea by George Orwell
George Orwell explains his ideas of how to make a cup of tea.
Miss Manners on the subject Commerce, Suited to Tea
Miss Manners explains her ideas of how to make a cup of tea. Are they really incompatible with Orwells?
Dieter's tea
Doesn't sell tea, but contains some information about the effects of dieting on tea.
Teapot Shop !!!
Fine China Teapots, Steel Kettles, Teapot Accessories, Designer Teapots, and much more.
Tips for Breaking the Caffeine Habit
This page doesn't apply to those of you who likes drinking tea or coffee of course!
Coffee and Ceffeine's Frequently Asked Questions
"This FAQ is dedicated to all beverages and products that contain caffeine; including tea, coffee, chocolate, mate, caffeinated soft drinks, caffeinated pills, coffee beans, etc."
Tea ceremony
"So, you want to be a ceremonial tea master..."
Tea, ISO standard cup of
Standards are good. Everyone should have one.
TEA - A Magazine
A new, bimonthly magazine all about tea, both as a drink and for its cultural significance in art, music, literature, history, and society.
The art of tea drinking
An article on chinese teaculture.
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