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Tannic Acid in Tea

My grandmother to tell me that if I burned my finger, I should dip it in a cup of tea. She knew that, long before doctors knew anything about the healing power of the tannic acid in tea. Now my grandmother was a fine intelligent woman, but she didn't know organic chemistry.

Bee Stings or Insect Bites: Use a wet tea bag as a poultice: the tannic acid in tea helps with swelling. Black tea is the most effective.

A 1985 WHO global assessment of anaemia indicated that 51% of under-five-year-old children in developing countries were anaemic. Breast milk contains enough iron for infants up to four months of age. Artificial feeding and weaning diets, however, are often very low in iron, and the iron from vegetable sources is very poorly absorbed partly owing to inhibiting substances -- such as tannic acid in tea or phytates in flour -- or low levels of vitamin C in the diet.

Coffee and the tannic acid in tea will also decrease absorption of iron from foods.

Take iron supplements with orange juice, suggests the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. The vitamin C in the juice helps the body to absorb more of the iron, whether the iron is in the form of a supplement or from dietary sources (such as red meat, tofu or black-eyed peas). Avoid drinking milk or tea with iron supplements because the calcium and phosphorus in milk and the tannic acid in tea can interfere with iron absorption.

Medically, the tea leaf contains a number of chemicals good for one's health. The tannic acid in tea is known for its anti-inflammatory and germicidal properties. Tea also contains an alkaloid which stimulates the nerve center and the process of metabolism. Tea with aromatics in it helps dissolve fat and promotes digestion. This makes tea especially important to the meat centered diets.

Stinky Feet : Dip three tea bags in half a bucket of water. And soak your feet in it for 15 minutes. Repeat this for a few days. This helps you keep your feet odourless. Also, tannic acid in tea sets your feet free from sweat.

Hemorrhoids : Put the ice bag on the rectal area to help relieve the pain. Some people find that a warm, wet tea bag applied to the area is soothing. It is the tannic acid in tea that helps. Others use compresses of witch hazel applied to the area for 10 to 15 minutes 3 or 4 times a day.

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