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Iranian Currency and Coin Collection
Toman - Rial - Iranian / Persian Currency
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Persian / Iranian Currency
10 Rials = 1 Toman
Reza Shah Pahlavi:
10, 20,
5, 10, 20, 100, 500, 1000


Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi:
5, 10, 20 (1944) 500(1948),
100(1953), 1000(1961), 100(1963)
50, 100, 500 (1969)
20, 50(stamp), 100 (50th Anniv.),
1000 (stamp), 5000, 10000 (1975)

Islamic Republic Of Iran:
100, 200, 500,
1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000
1000, 5000, 10000

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The Qajar Period & Silver Coin Fiasco

The late Qajar years were beset by a sharp depreciation of the country's currency, rising prices, and a wider and growing fiscal crisis of the state. The declining value of the qeraan resulted from several circumstances: an unfavorable balance of trade and the falling world price of silver, not to mention tampering with the silver content of coins by Haajj Mohaammad-Haasan Am^n-al-Z~arb (q.v.), the farmer of the mint (Bakhash, p. 271). By 1914 the Persian currency was only one-fifth of what it had been worth in 1800 (Issawi, 1971, pp. 335, 343-45).

The fiscal crisis was brought about by an inadequate, ineffective, and inefficient fiscal administration; astronomical costs of maintaining state bureaucracies, the army, and the royal court; and outright corruption and decay deeply rooted in both the central and provincial governments and their various departments. The governmental response was a growing resort to foreign loans and concessions, combined with such domestic measures as the sale of crown lands and of provincial government offices, as well as the farming out of important state departments. The external measures accentuated the government's problems in the longer term and proved unpopular with the public, while internal measures exacerbated the situation by increasing the number of independent decision-making domains and, via greater insecurity of office, increasing tax pressure on peasants (Bakhash, p. 264).

Excerpts from THE QAJAR PERIOD


Bakhash, Iran: Monarchy, Bureaucracy and Reform Under the Qajars. 1858-1896, London, 1978.
Nader Shah Coin, 1736 - 1747, Persian/Iranian Coin Nader Shah Coin, 1736 - 1747, Persian/Iranian Coin
Nader Shah Silver Coin, 1736 - 1747, No date or value on the coin.

Ahmad Shah, 1 Toman coin, 1334 Ahmad Shah, 1 Toman coin, 1334
Ahmad Shah, 1 Toman Coin, dated 1334 (1955) (Pam Sadler Collection)

50 Dinars, Da'Shee, 1979, Persian/Iranian Coin 50 Dinars, Da'Shee, 1979, Persian/Iranian Coin
50 Dinars, Da'Shee, 1979, Mohammad Reza Shah.

20 Rials, 7th Asian Games in Tehran, 1974, Persian/Iranian Coin 20 Rials, 7th Asian games in Tehran, 1974, Persian/Iranian Coin
20 Rials, 7th Asian Games in Tehran, 1974, Mohammad Reza Shah.

One Pahlavi Gold Coin
One Pahlavi Gold Coin from Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi era
1 Pahlavi = 1,240,000 R, 1/2 Pahlavi = 650,000 R, 1/4 Pahlavi = 400,000 R (03/12/2005)
New Gold Coin = 990,000 R. 1/2 coin = 500,000 R, 1/4 Coin = 300,000 R (03/12/2005)
See Rial - Dollar Exchange rates

Pahlavi Taj Gozari Gold Coin
Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi Cronation Memorial Gold Coin
Visit Alborz Iran Coin Collection for more info on Pahlavi Gold Coins

50 Rials, 1979, Persian/Iranian Coin 50 Rials, 1979, Persian/Iranian Coin
50 Rials, 1979, Islamic Republic of Iran.

250 Rials, 1993, Persian/Iranian Coin 250 Rials, 1993, Persian/Iranian Coin
250 Rials, 1993, Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iranian Coin Set

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Good Friday, Dark Friday, The day Jesus Died on the Cross for our Sin
Haji Firuz a symbol of Persian new Year NowRuz which is the first day of Spring, NowRuz Piruz Iranians celebrate Persian new Year NowRuz on the first day of Spring, NowRuz Farkhondeh First day of Spring is Persian new Year NowRuz, NowRuz Khojasteh baad Haji Firuzeh, Saalee Yek Ruzeh Haji Firuz is a sign of Persian new Year coming on the first day of Spring Haji Firuz dances for NowRuz Haji Firuz celebrates first day of Spring NowRuz is celebrated by Iranians, Afghans, Tajiks, Turks and many other people group around Iran Haji Firuz announce sthe coming of Spring, NowRuz - Persian New year Dance to the music of NowRuz with Haji Firuz
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