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Good Friday, Dark Friday, The day Jesus Died on the Cross for our Sin
Welcome to Iranian Christians International

Iranian Christians International Inc.

P.O. Box 25607
Colorado Springs,
CO 80936, U.S.A.
Phone: (719) 596-0010
Fax: (719) 574-1141


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Iranian Christian International, Inc.
Iranian Christians International

P.O. Box 25607, Colorado Springs, CO 80936, U.S.A.
Iranian Christian International Office Phone Number in Colorado USA(719) 596-0010 ... Iranian Christians International Office Fax Numberin Colorado, USA(719) 574-1141 ... www.iranchristians.org
... Email: ICI@IranChristians.org
"... In the last days ... I shall restore the fortunes of Elam (Iran), declares the Lord."
Jeremiah 49:39

* Upcoming ICI Conferences

Iranian Christian Leadership Conference - Aug 13-16, Colorado Spring

You are invited to participate in a leadership conference sponsored by Talim Ministries and Iranian Christians International. The dates are August 13-16, 2005 in Colorado Springs, CO.

There are two main speakers: Rev Saro Khachiki who will be doing a series of lessons on the "Purpose Driven Church "and Rev. Tat Stewart who will be speaking on "Shepherding God's Flock". There will be much time given to fellowship and sharing ideas regarding ministry.

For those who would like to have a scholarship Talim Ministries is offering $250 toward the cost of the conference. To qualify for this scholarship you will have to register with ICI 719-596-0010 by July 15th. If you have any questions you can email Tatstewart@comcast.net or call 303-873-6611.

* Recent ICI Conferences

  • Iranian Christian Ministers Conference

    ICI in cooperation with Talim Ministries will hold a conference for those who serve Christ among Iranians. Since the 2002 conference was such a blessing to many, this conference will be held annually for as long as needed. The 2003 conference will be held from June 23 to June 26, 2004 in Boulder, Colorado.

    For the purpose of this conference, all those who serve Christ among Iranians or other Persian speakers at least four hours per week are welcome to attend.

    Please send $50.00 along with your name, address, phone (and email) for pre-registration by May 16, 2003. The total fee for the conference is $170.00 per person. After May 16, 2003 the price will be $210.00 per person. So register now. This figure includes the cost of food and housing.

  • Iranian Christian Regional Conference for
    Northeast U.S. and Southeast Canada

    August 22-25, 2002
    Rindge, New Hampshire

    • To provide Biblical teaching in practical aspects of life
    • To provide an opportunity for fellowship and renewal in the forests of New Hampshire

    Theme: "But if you suffer for righteousness sake, be happy" (I Peter 3:14).

    Time and Date: The seminar begins at 3:00 p.m. Thursday, Aug 22, 2002 and ends at 1 p.m. Sunday, Aug 25, 2002.

    Place: Intervarsity Toah Nipi Retreat Center, 129 Old Ashburnham Rd, Rindge, NH 03461. (Phone: 603-899-5464, email:ToahNipi@aol.com)

    Cost: $160 per person (pre-registration). After Aug 2nd , the cost is $180. This includes board and room. Children's rates are lower.

    Who Should Attend:

    • Iranian Christians
    • Interested Iranians
    • Those non-Iranians who are interested in ministering to Iranians

    Format: The conference will be a blend of teaching sessions followed by small group interaction and times for personal application and testimonies. There will be free time in the afternoons so individuals can pursue whatever best fits their needs. There will be time for recreation and fellowship.

    Features: Insightful teaching, small discussion groups, personal sharing, special times of fellowship, and recreation.

    Languages: the conference is bilingual: Persian and English

    Transportation: Drive to the Retreat Center (map and directions on back of this sheet).

    Pre-registration: Send your name, address, phone and email and time of arrival along with your prepayment to;
    ICI, P.O. Box 25607, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80936,
    phone: 719-596-0010, fax: 719-574-1141, email: iciinc@compuserve.com.
    We also accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards for your prepayment.

  • 14th Inter-Church Conference of Iranian Christians in Central U.S. (Iranian Church of Dallas) Farsi
    • November 7-10, 2002
    • Dallas, Texas
  • 13th Inter-Church Conference of Iranian Christians in Central U.S. (Iranian Church of Dallas) Farsi
    • November 8-11, 2001
    • Dallas, Texas
  • 12th Inter-Church Conference of Iranian Christians in Central U.S. (Iranian Church of Dallas) Farsi
    • November 11-14, 2000
    • Dallas, Texas
  • 11th Inter-Church Conference of Iranian Christians in Central U.S. (Iranian Church of Dallas) Farsi
    • November 11-14, 1999
    • Dallas, Texas
  • Middle Eastern Christian Conference Farsi
    • August 18-22, 1999
    • Colorado Springs, Colorado U.S.
    • THEME:
      Salvation of the Nations
      "The Lord will lay bare his holy arm in the site of all the nations and all the ends of the earth will see the salvation of our God." (Isaiah 52:10)
      Spend four refreshing days of relaxation, teaching and fellowship among friends and family at picturesque Colorado Springs. Leave refreshed and equipped to be a strong witness among Middle Eastern people.
  • 10th Inter-Church Conference of Iranian Christians in Central U.S. Farsi
    • October 8-11, 1998
    • Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center
    • Davis, Oklahoma USA
    • Conference Theme: Freedom in Christ Through God's Word - Be holy because I am holy. (1 Peter 1:16)
    • Conference Features: Inspirational Messages, Bible Studies, Group Prayer, Testimonies, Worship, Fellowship,...
  • First ICIC Inter-Church Conference of Iranian Christians in California Farsi
    • November 6-9, 1997
    • Arrowhead Springs Christian Conference Center
    • San Bernardino, California USA
    • Sponsored by International Council of Iranian Christians (ICIC)
    • For more information contact ICI:, P.O. Box 25607, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 USA
  • 9th Inter-Church Conference of Iranian Christians in Central U.S. Farsi
    • October 23-16, 1997
    • Mount Lebanon Baptist Encampment
    • Cedar Hill, Texas USA
  • Second European Inter-Church Conference Of Iranian Christians Farsi
    • In Cooperation With The Light and Hope Iranian Church
    • Frankfurt, Germany, July 7 - July 12, 1997
    • For more information contact your Iranian Church Pastor or
      • ICI, P.O. Box 25607 Colorado Springs, CO 80936 USA
      • Light and Hope Church, Postfach 1829, 55508 Bad Kreuznach, Germany
  • First East Coast Inter-Church Conference of Iranian Christians in US Farsi
    • May 24-17, 1997
    • Asheboro, North Carolina USA
    • For more information contact ICI:, P.O. Box 25607, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 USA
  • 15th ICI International Conference
  • ICI Central USA conference

Please send your comments, suggestion, prayer requests and news to info@iranchristians.org.
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God's Peace & Blessing be with you
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