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Best of Persian Cat Stories - Volume 1

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From: Lynne
To: gorbeh@_storyfarsinet.com
Subject: Ferdowsi

I have a Persian cat story to share. I have shared my life with many cats, mostly dear old moggies I found or that were give to me with a smattering of Siamese to add variety. These cats were short-haired which made for ease in caring for them. I told myself I would NEVER own long-haired cats, which, though beautiful, would require constant grooming.

In 1997 I had the misfortune to lose my best cat friend ever. We lived together for 11 yrs, and I had to have him put to sleep. I longed for another cat to help ease the pain of my loss. It was February and kittens were scarce. I finally found a woman who bred many types of cats, and who had a 7 mo old Oriental Shorthair available. I like oriental cats, so I went for an interview. This cat was beautiful, very clever, and exhibited many characteristics common to orientals. I decided to take him. But, as he'd been living in a multi-cat household for 7 mo, I decided I'd better get him a friend, too. The breeder didn't have any other orientals available, but she did have a particular Persian that the Oriental liked to play with. I decided to look at the kitten, although I had no intention of taking it.

The kitten, a beautiful 4 mo old black smoke, was brought out and handed to me. That little furball settled into my lap, looked up at me with big amber eyes, and began to purr quietly. It was love at first sight for both of us! I took both cats.

I had a difficult time naming my oriental: he became TK, for various reasons. But my little Persian love was named on the way home in the car. I called him Ferdowsi after the ancient Persian poet. Unfortunately, that name was a problem for most folks to pronounce, so he gradually became Ferdi. But in our quiet moments together I still call him Ferdowsi. Now, I know, brushing or no, I will always share my life with a Persian cat.


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From: pjkami
To: catstories@gorbeh.com
Subject:My Persian Hunter

I have a beautiful creme colored Persian cat named Hunter.

When I first got this cat, he was so pretty and gentle, I naturally took to calling him Sweety. To make sure he wouldn't be mistaken for a female, and help him straighten out his sexuality, I had to pick a very boyish name. It worked! Hunter is all boy!

I should have also called him "He who practices appropriate Hygene"! Instead, I have to call him "Albatross".

Turns out that Hunter, like many Persians, is very fastidious about where he defecates. He likes smooth, hard surfaces, a.k.a., bathtubs.

Hunter won't use the litter box multiple times. I must always be around to clean it out after each usage so he'll use it again.

If it hasn't been purged after his latest visit, he uses our bathtub! He'll even use it if the litter box is clean, but he has access to the bathtub.

As a result of Hunter, our shower curtain must be velcroed, and sometimes even taped to the wall and tub. I must be absurdly vigilant about his litter box. I walk around with a scooper on my belt and a clothespin on my nose.

The otherwise sweetness of this cat and good naturedness of my husband and myself, have kept us in this tortured state of being.

That's MY Persian cat story.

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From: Ming Yen
To: catstories@gorbeh.com
Subject: My Biscuit

Hello. I'm a 19 year old girl from Malaysia. When I saw these articles, I feel that I also want to share the story of my persian cat. I call my cat biscuit becuase his color is something like a biscuit color. He was bought by my dad last year as a special gift because he know that I love cats a lot. He was already 8 months old when he arrived. He's very very shy and try to hide under the bed or corners of our house. I always try to talk and get near to him and at last he manage to come out from under the bed and let me touch him. I'm really really touched. He's almost 1 year old now and every morning he'll wait for me in front of my room door until i got up then we'll get downstairs together. We'll chat with each other with our own language. I enjoy having him as my pet.

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From: R. Hamil1
To: catstories@gorbeh.com
Subject: My 18 month old little boy and his persian cat names "Jasmine"

Hi. I'm a mother of an 18 month old little boy, and he loves his persian cat named "Jasmine." She's white, with a little bit of grey on her lower back. She has big green eyes, and very sweet natured! My son has pulled her tail, pulled her furr, and Jasmine does not retaliate! She is a very sweet cat, and had never been around children until we got her.

Her previous owner gave her to us, because she was never home, and wanted Jasmine to get love and attention. My husband is allergic to cats, but I keep her groomed, and her furr brushed, and it doesn't seem to bother him!

She likes to sleep on my stomach, or on a warm folded blanket. She's not much of a jumper, and doesn't get on the kitchen counters, or table. She's purrrrfect!

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From: Kristen Salivonchik
To: gorgeh_story@gorbeh.com
Subject: My Persian Cat - Hoggle


I saw your web site and loved it! I have a wonderful male black Persian named Hoggle. I do not know his age or lineage. He found my friend one day after an obvious brutal fight and must have known that she would take care of him. She rushed him to the vet where he had to have stitches on his eye and had to be shaved. She took him home and proceeded to try to find his owners. When I met him, I didn't know what this funny looking creature was! I knew of Persians, but never a naked one!! He brought tears to my eyes because I was laughing so hard at his cuteness. He immediately cuddled with me and purred. After 3 months of care at my friends house and no one claiming him, I took him home with me. I am glad I did! He is so wonderful! He waits for me by the door when I come home, he likes to get me to chase him by zooming back and forth in front of me - that is his favorite game and he sleeps on my head at night! He also gets me to follow him to the bathroom and he know to jump up on the toilet with his back to me if he needs anything that maybe on or near his eyes removed. He is a wonderful companion!

Again, I enjoyed your web site and thought I'd tell you about my little guy!


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From: MagnifiCat (Anastasia)
To: catstories@gorbeh.com
Subject: My

My name is Anastasia Merrill, and I came across this contest and web page because of my Persian Maximilian...MAX or Maxi for short.. About 3 weeks ago I purchased a Snowshoe, she was at the time 6 weeks old. Well she is a spirited little kitten and we decided she needed a playmate ! Well I called the breeder; that I purchased her from, and they had no more kittens >sigh< So them began the hunt for MAX. My husband and I went to pet stores, the SPCA's, and no cat caught "our fancy". On the way home we picked up a newspaper and in the classified ads I noticed an ad for Rescued animals who needed homes...well that is where I found our MAX..

Maximilian was what they called Abused by the Cattery...the people who bred our sweet Max had cages and cages of Persian cats of which they bred from and sold and did this souly for the money and not for the joy of the breed. Well he was brought to this wonderful woman all matted, sick and lifeless.

When I went to see Max he was sad looking and just laid there; ( something not normal for a 11 week old kitten ) So I picked him up and snuggled him, and he started to purr. I looked into his gorgeous golden eyes and I begged for the opportunity to cater to Max's every whim !

Well we brought Max home and he tried to hide, but I insisted he not hide, and he felt safe snugging and staying near me.....well today is the 3rd day we have had MAX and now he and Mina ( our Snowshoe ) are the best of friends!

They play together, eat together and sleep together. He broke out of his shy shell and is the most animated , most loving adorable cat ! I cannot imagine how I ever existed without having a Persian all these years.

I named him Maximilan because he loves classical music, when it plays he will get as close to the music as he can and enjoy every note as if he can see a ballet that only Max can see.

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From: stacey michelle laird
To: catstories@gorbeh.com
Subject: My persian cat

This is my Persian story. My name is Stacey Michelle and I currently reside in Oxford, Mississippi. I tell you this because it relates to the story. See, I have always been a "dog person." I have always had poodles and I have never considered getting a cat because I am slightly allergic and my father is extremely allergic. Well, I moved away from home (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) and I got my own dog, a poodle named Princess. Well, after having Princess for a couple of years, I could tell that she got lonely when I wasn't there and I was working that typical 8-5.

So, I started looking into adopting a stray kitten. Well, at the time, there were none to adopt. I called up to the local pet shop and discovered that a breeder was selling Persian kittens out of the shop and she had one left. I then rushed over and saw my baby. He is a CFA registered blue-point Himalayan Persian named Faulkner. I instantly fell in love with him and he keeps my dog company and they play constantly.

I now know what having a cat is like and I love it. I will always have a Persian by my side. You thought that was the end of the story but its not. I just wanted to tell a little story on the side. Faulkner plays chase with my dog constantly, he loves to jump on her back ( picture that she is only 6 pounds, and he is 9 pounds) and ride her around the living room. They then switch and she rides on Faulkner awhile. They get along like they are both cats, or both dogs. It's wonderful. Well, that is my story, it may not be very interesting but I wanted to share. I love my baby Faulkner and he loves me.

Thanks for listening. Stacey Michelle

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To: catstories@gorbeh.com
From: Bo Nordstrom

Do you remember what it is like to be newly in love? All you want to do is think about, touch, stroke and nuzzle the object of your adoration - and drive all your friends crazy talking about him or her. It's been three weeks now, and my friends are getting mighty sick of hearing about Spike. Yes, Spike. An elegant, coal black Persian kitty with golden eyes. Spike is four years old and until we got him, he was named Moeje, which is Swedish and sounds pretty much like "meow." You see, we live in the Swedish countryside in a little red cottage we bought last fall. We mentioned to a taxi driver in the area that we would like to have a cat in case he knew anyone who had one in need of a home. He spoke to a nice lady at the animal protection society and the word was out. We got a phone call - someone had a four-year-old Persian she could no longer care for - could we take him?

We said yes, and Möje came to live with us. The first two days, he hid under the bed. Then we opened the window to let in the precious summer air (summer doesn't last long in Sweden) and like a shot, the cat was out and gone. We searched and were devastated - what would we tell his former owner when she called in a week to see how Möje was? We were sure he was gone forever. Then, sweet as you please, he came back. Burrs sticking to his long silky fur, a leaf or two here and there, but in one piece. He had come back from his two days of sulking in the woods surrounding our house, having decided that he would stay. In honor of his toughness in the face of adversity (and as a bit of a joke, too - he jumps when the toast pops out of the toaster and hides for hours if a stranger comes by the house) we re-named him Spike. Of course, that inevitably becomes Spikey-Wikey, because he is now our baby. I've read descriptions of Persians as somewhat quiet and undemonstrative, but Spike doesn't fit that bill! He follows my husband around the house like a devoted slave, wakes us in the morning with gentle taps on the cheek with his fat, furry paws, and is a marvelous fly-catcher. He hunts them down, catches them and eats them. Kind of icky, I agree, but a good quality for a fancy big city cat turned country kitty to have! We work at home as translators, sitting all day in front of our computers - Spike jumps up in our laps and makes us type around him. He knows that I am the one who feeds him, so when he is hungry (or simply doesn't want the salmon I put down for him...chicken perhaps? veal? one never knows until he eats or turns up what little nose he has!) he comes directly to me and asks politely. Otherwise, I admit it, even though I am in love with Spike, he is much more in love with my husband...but I'll change that!

Fun site - thanks!

Rosemary Nordstroem
Solgaord Utby
S-461 91 Trollhaettan Sweden

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From: Donny Phillips
To: catstories@gorbeh.com
Subject: My
creme colored persian male

My creme colored persian male cat came to us about four years ago. He was badly mistreated and my husband and I took him in. He has the most beautiful golden eyes and the sweetest personality you have ever seen. Corey has no two front teeth and so many times I have to remined him he needs to put is tonque back in his mouth. He loves to be held and cuddled and watch America's Funniest Home Video's if he is not busy playing a sympony on the basement vent. His favorite game is chasing a string or your shoe strings. I was never a cat owner until Corey but he has chanced my opinion about cats forever. I don't think that I will ever find a more loyal and loving cat than my Corey.

Marcy Phillips

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To: gorbeh.story@gorbeh.com
From: Yariv Brosh

It's a very nice site and I visit many sites about persian cats.

All the persain cats craziness started when i wanted a pet. I tried to persuade my parents to give me a cat because they didn't allow me to have a dog. My parents agreed and i wanted a persian cat because I saw pictures of persian cats and they looked very sepecial. So I went with my parents to buy a pesian cat and we checked and compared cats and at the end we finally bought a smart, cute, beautiful little female persian kitten. The kitten was 8 weeks old and she was orange so we decided to call her "Jenny" because "jinji" in hebrew means "orange" and "Jenny" comes from the word "Jinji".

I loved her and she was very smart kitten.

In the evening of the day we bought Jenny my father started to sneeze and he could hardly brief, the doctor said my father has an alergy to cats. so we had to bring her back to her first owners. I was very sad when we brought her back and I cried the whole day after, in spite of i had her only 7 hours from the noon until the evening. I played with her and loved her and she got used to me too. I really got attached to Jenny, and when I see a cat in the street I remember Jenny and have a tear in my eye.

A great cat lover in Israel - Yariv

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From: "Scott S. & Angela G."
To: catstories@gorbeh.com

A couple of years ago, I was about to move away from home (for the third time) and decided that my mother needed a companion, despite the fact that my father had adamantly decided there were to be no more pets in the house. I bought her a very lovable bi-color black and white Persian kitten and brought him home. We affectionately named him Gizmo after the Gremlin, due to his lack of nose. I had to go to work shortly after I brought him home, and wasn't there when my father came home, so I called to check on the outcome. The first thing my father said was "So I guess you're moving out." I informed him that Gizmo wasn't mine, but that I had bought him for my mother. His reply was "So, you're taking your mother with you?" Needless to say, Gizmo knew exactly who he needed to befriend, and he slept on my father's pillow every night. Dad just kept wondering what in the world had made poor Giz's face so darn flat! Well, needless to say, Mom knew she was in the clear on the morning she was leaving for work and looked up to see Dad in the window with Gizmo waving his little paw good-bye to her. The irresistible personality of Gizmo had won the heart of the man who said, "No more pets!" Just like a Persian.

You just gotta love Giz! - Angela Giannetti

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From: Marko Graham
To: catstories@gorbeh.com
Subject: My

When you own a Persian, you know she is a high society cat. Everything is first class in her mind. My story is about my Persian, I call her Puffed-cat, other pet names are "puff", "purty", "putty" and any other sweet meaningful name that comes to mind. Her registered name is Baby Booh Titano (but that sounds like a prize fighter). If you are owned by a puff-fed cat, you know what I'm talking about. The Puff is the ruler of the house-hold. She says when she will be brushed, fed, and loved. Puff-fed cat loves only me, and she shows her love by jumping up on the kitchen table (when I'm trying to study) and rubbing her great furry mane on my cheek, she doesn't care that she's not allowed on the table, because she is the Puff-fed cat. When you want to get a mat out of her beautiful fur, she says reowwr, reowwr, NO! Because she is the Puff-fed Cat, Puffs can do whatever they want to. Puffed Cats can be who they wanna be, do what they wanna do, and their humans say, O.K. I Love You Puffed Cat.


To: catstories@gorbeh.com
From: Ross Arriola

We love your web site and our persian "Bubba", a cream male who has just turned one. He is a real baby as his name implies. He reflects the sweet disposition of the breed and follows strange cats around meowing, trying to make friends even though they often hiss at him. We have shown Bubba the pictures on your web site and he thinks the girl cats are very attractive. We will send a picture of him soon so that girl cats can e-mail him if they think he is cute. We thought that we were the onlly people obsessed with our cats until we saw this web site.

From fellow cat lovers in Australia: Ross, Tara, Bubba and Minx (his short-haired white tabby companion).

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From: Joanna Poppink
To: catstories@gorbeh.com
Subject: My favorite Mishra story

Mishra is my luscious 13 year old blue and white bi color Persian. He taught me to be more open to the wondrous ways life communicates to life.

I have two cats. My other is Kuan Yin, a 12 year old sable Burmese. She talks, yells, demands, sighs and uses body language most effectively. Since she was a kitten I knew how to interpret her vocabulary and so could be an obedient human. I knew when to move a pillow into the sunlight to heat her bones, open a kitchen cupboard for her special baby food turkey, place a blanket on a redwood swing so she can nap comfortably, move a book so she can jump to a shelf to watch me work at my desk.

But Mishra never said anything. I loved him, but I didn't know what he wanted from me. He was never a lap cat but preferred to sit next to me, preferably with one paw on my finger or arm while I read. He enjoyed being brushed. He would come to me sometimes and just look at me with his big round silver green eyes in his blue/grey and white face. I'd pet him, but I knew he wanted something. I just didn't know what it was.

One day, when he was three years old on a sunny warm day in Los Angeles, I was outside on my patio. Mishra sat in the open doorway of the house looking at me quietly, just being Mishra.

I knew he wanted to be brushed. I knew he wanted me to go get the brush and call him to the redwood table outside where I always brushed the two of them. Kuan Yin spoke in sounds. Mishra emanated!

I suddenly saw him differently. I knew (anyone with a Persian knows) there was a sweet energy to him and that sometimes it was very powerful, almost tangible. Now I understood. Without a sound he could just be and that was enough for me to know. He was an emanating being sending out waves of emotion and information soundlessly.

I got the brush, and he ran to the redwood table. I brushed him. He rolled around showing me exactly what he wanted and where. He was purring, and I was a very happy human.

Since then we communicate very well. I know when he wants to sit with me in my studio. He likes to lie on the couch while I paint, or lie on the back of the couch near my shoulder while I read. I know when he would like sardines - only about once every two weeks. I know when he wants hair ball remedy, and I know when he will allow me to trim his nails. I know when he wants privacy, and I know when he wants me to sit in the garden and keep him company.

He had the patience to be present for the three years it took for me to learn his language. What a guy! And now I've discovered that since I've learned to understand him, I have a greater appreciation for the way other animals, plants and people communicate. There is so much emotional and practical information that can be conveyed through gently, thoroughly, patiently and honestly being.

This is my favorite Mishra story.

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From: Judy M.
To: catstories@gorbeh.com
Subject: My Persian

My purebred silver Persian showed up alone at my front door when he was approx. 16 weeks old on Halloween (Oct. 31,) 1993. Therefore, for obvious reasons, his name is Boo. While cats have shared my house for my entire life, I have to say that he is probably the smartest of them all! When he comes into the kitchen and sits down behind my feet, as cats tend to do, he first gives me a small kiss on the back of my leg to let me know that he's there. That way he ensures that he won't get stepped on!


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