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I am in Oman - Can you send me some Farsi Worship?
Why Islamic Ads on FarsiNet?
Great site - like to advertise on FarsiNet
Farsinet Mission Statement!!
Persian Christians? Who are they?
Feedback - FarsiNet is highly informative, unbiased, ...
Very happy to find you! - Any info on Persian Names?
from pisa visitor-italy - Need info on Persian rugs?
Where can I find a picture of Haji Firuz?
. . . more

Can you tell me please how to write in Farsi this?
Yiannis and Stella together forever.
Thank you very much.
Stella, Here are some suggestions:

Yiannis va Stella Ba Hamdigheh Barayeh Ham'misheh
Yiannis va Stella Barayeh Ham'misheh Ba Hamdigeh

ايانيس و استلا با همديگه براي هميشه

Hello" My Name Is Moises And I Have Two Question :
  1. The Iranian Christian , Accept And Love To Israel ?
  2. Accept Israel Is One Nation?
Thank You - Shalom In The Name Of Yeshua Messiah...
Sincerely Your Brother In Christ, , , Mr. Moises New York State , USA


  1. True Iranian Christians like all other true Christians Have to LOVE everyone. As Jesus Said, His Followers can not hate anyone, not even their enemies. So, do all Iranian Christians Love & Accept Israel? I don't know - most if not all Iranian Christians I know, DO.
  2. True Iranian Christians like any other true Christian understands that Israel is God's promised land to His people and that's where God Plan will unfold. Christians are to obey and respect Governments which are appointed and ultimately managed, appointed and maintained by God. This goes for Government of Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, US, Russia, ...
  3. Besides, An Iranian Christian's Lord, messiah, Saviour is a Jew - How can one not Love & pray for & Respect Israel and its people. That's where our Lord is from and that's where He is coming back to.

In Jesus Love, Shalom, Amir


I just wanted to leave a comment commending you on your fantastic website. I am an Australian media student and was researching the language of Iran. Many people in the west seem to think Iranians speak Arabic (as did I). Your website has taught me much about the Persian/Farsi languages. I hope many more people will benefit from your website.

Thank You, Paul Miles

Hello Paul (Salaam Pooles - in Persian/Farsi) Glad you have found the information at FarsiNet useful - one of our major goals is to introduce Iranians, Iran and its history, Culture and Heritage to the World. - Regards, Amir

  Dear Friend,
I live in Oman, can you send me some praise and worship in Farsi? - Peter
Hello Peter,
Yes, of course. We will send you several of rather popular Persian (Farsi) Praise & Worship CDs (Worship CD from Iranian Church of Dallas, Hallelujah Worship CD, & Ligh In The Darkness CD), as well as some Farsi Injil and tracts. God Bless, Nader

I always thought your site is something else, but today I saw a link from your site for : HOW TO BECOME A MUSLIM

I can't believe you let this link in your site, does that mean they paid you ? I hope they did, even though this will confuse people and let satan take the confused souls with him to hell and you will have a part in this, you have to answer to GOD for what you do on earth.

Either islam is right or Jesus , they can't be both right, I hope you know that, if not, I encourage you to do a little research, koran denies the death and ressurection of Jesus Christ and as we all know, this is the core of christianity.

please reconsider before you lose the chance for ever.

A saved soul by Jesus ( I was a drug addict Muslim 8 years ago and Jesus saved me by a miracle and I know thousands of miracles are being done every day )

God bless those who guide people into the light not the darkness with love of GOD in Christ the saviour- H. Y.

Dear H. Y. Salaam,
Merci for your comments and feedback.

Regarding ads on FarsiNet - we do have a lot of control but not 100%.

Some of the Ads on FarsiNet are displayed by "Google", "Yahoo" or "Amazon" - these ads have a small comment somewhere that says so, for example "Ad by Google". These ads are automatically placed on a page based on the content of the page and the keywords the Ad was assigned to. Some times, Ads do end up on the wrong page or the content of a page is mis-interpreted.

When/if we find ads by a company that is not appropriate for FarsiNet - we can request their Ads not to be placed on FarsiNet anymore. If you had sent me the URL (web address) of the site you mentioned (how to become a Muslim) - I would have check it and add it to our block list so their ad is not displayed on our site any more.

Of course, its very clear that FarsiNet is an Iranian Christian Website, although we do have some non-christian content (Noruz, Persian Cat, Persian Carpet, Persian Caviar, Persian Poetry, ZanAmu, Travel 2 Iran,....). Our prayer has been that any content and links in FarsiNet to be a blessing to the visitor to come to know Jesus.

There are some organizations and individuals who have tried in many ways to hinder God's work thru Farsinet and our only and best defense is our prayers. Some have attacked FarsiNet server from Iran and other Muslim countries but our prayers in the name of Jesus has saved the website over and over. Others have tried to place pronographic material on FarsiNet by various methods - again our prayers and daily reliance on the Holy Spirit has protected the website and our visitors.

So, please keep FarsiNet and all the people who help with this ministry in your prayers and if you see improper Ads on FarsiNet - click on the Ad and get their web address ( for example and send it to us for immediate action.

Thanks, God Bless and In Jesus, FarsiNet WebMaster

Great site, I could spend days surfing your site. We are a new online business providing service to Iranians who live outside of Iran. We would like to advertise on your site. How can we do this? Do you offer banner exchange?
Hamid Hosseini

Hamid Salaam,
FarsiNet provides a par banner Exchange program. This means, we will display your banner of 450x50 as many times as needed (on various pages) to give you as many click as we get from your site.

To determine the potential for a banner exchange we check your site popularity (# of links to your site from major search engines like google, yahoo, MSN, AOL, ... + all other links to your site from other sites). If your site popularity is close to FarsiNet's (100,000+), we would offer you the banner exchange.

If your site traffic and site popularity is low, we will not be able to offer you our banner exchange program but we offer you the following 3 options:

  1. You display a FarsiNet logo on your first page and in exchange we will give you 3000 banner impressions per month (100/day)
  2. You signup for one of FarsiNet's paid banner advertising - from $99 - $999 per year (3000 impressions per month - 60,000 banner impressions per month) - pre-paid.
  3. You signup with Google for advertising on FarsiNet - this is how most of our clients advertise on FarsiNet. To signup click below:
    Click Here to Signup for FarsiNet Google Advertising Program
Regards and best wishes for your online business, FarsiNet WebMaster

  Hi - I was so surprised to see an Iranian site like yours. I am impressed with your Mission statement and what you stand for. Awesome! I am not a religeous person but I even enjoyed some of your Christin content.
- Nasrin of Tokyo


I stumbled across your web page while researching the true origin of Good friday and of Easter. I did not know there were Persian Christians (please forgive my ignorance).

FarsiNet web site shows there are a true group of believers who are Persian. Please let me know who you are and your origin.

Also do you have any information regarding the term "Good Friday" and the term "Easter."

Best regards, Lemuel - Temecula, California

Hello Lemuel,

As you may know, Iran used to be called Persia up to 1935 - at that time its name was changed to Iran. (

So, Persians are Iranian but not all Iranians are Persian. Each Time Iran was conquered by a new king or a new empire, some of those folks stayed behind and created a pocket of Arab Iranians, Mongol Iranians, Turkish Iranians, Kurdish Iranians, ....

Persia played a major role in the Old testament - read Daniel, Esther, ... (

In the new testament era - On the day of Pentecost, there were several groups from Iran (perhaps Jews who stayed in Iran after Cyrus freed them from Babylon) mentioned in the Book of Acts 2:5.

So, there are several Iranian Christian groups that go back to the day of Pentecost. Some writings suggest that those Persians who were present on the day of Pentecost, accepted Christianity and Jesus as the Messiah and went back to Persia (Iran) and started the Christian movement that grew up to the conquer of Iran by Muslim Army in 7th century. Many of these orthodox Christian groups as well as the Catholic believers were co-existing with their Muslim country folks till Islamic revolution happened in Iran in late 70s. In the past 25 years of Islamic government in Iran, majority of the orthodox Christians (Armenians, Assyrians, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, ...) as well as a large number of Iranian Catholics and Iranian born again Christians from Islamic, Jewish, Bahai,... backgrounds - all have been forced out of Iran and now live scattered all over the world.

In addition to hundreds of thousands of Iranian Armenian, Assyrian, ... thousands of Iranians have embraced Christianity in the past 25 years outside of Iran. To serve the Iranian Christians and to reach out to other Iranians in their communities, 100s of Iranian Christian Churches and Fellowship have taken shape over the last 10 years or so (

OK, I hope the above long answer was helpful.

As far as the term Good Friday and Easter - they go back to early years of Christianity and do not have anything to do with Persians or Persia - as far as I know.

Regards, Amir

  Dear Farsinet,

Greetings from the island of the Philippines in Jesus Name the source of everything.i was able to visit your website and bless so much and encourage.

I had felt in my heart the urgency of reaching souls in our island and i believe were living in the last days were people are dying and we can reach them while it is day night will come when no one can work anymore.

Thanks for your website its very encouraging.hope you can stand with us or visit our island and be part of What God is doing.

Fernando d Impang,jr
P.O. BOX 82

  From: Michele Jackowsky
Subject: Free Farsi Bible?

I read somewhere that I can get a free farsi bible from farsinet. is that true? if yes, how?

if the farsi bible, the christian bible or the muslim bible?

is there an english & farsi version of farsi bible?


Yes, when we refer to Persian or Farsi Bible we are talking about the Christian holy book (i.e. Bible). Muslim's holy book is called Qur'an.

Yes, you can request a free copy of Persian (Farsi) Injil (New Testament) for personal use or to share with an Iranian family or friend. Just send your address to

Yes, there is a side-by-side Farsi-English Injil (New testament) that you can order from The Iranian Christians International or Faith & Hope Publishing;

  From: Nancy Jenkins
Subject: Travel to Iran

Hello. I plan to visit my friend and her new husband and their baby in Tehran. When is the best time to visit? Summer, Winter? Can you recommend a travel agency with branches in Europe? - with thanks, Nancy

Hello Nancy, For answer to your questions and other Travel To Iran related questions and list of travel agencies and airlines, hotels, ... visit

Any time is a good time to visit your friend in tehran but I suggest Spring or Fall. Air quality is very bad in summer. Some winters, Tehran gets lots of snow. Check with your friends for best time to visit.

Enjoy your visit, Nader

  From: G. from Kashan
Subject: question about cost of living

Hello. I plan to stufy in canada for my master of computer. I am programming. Can you tell me how much money i need for 2 years in canada? also thank you for a lot of nice information in farsinet site. - Gilda

Gilda salaam,
you should ask this question from the university you plan to attend. A large portion of your expense will be your foreign student tution. I would say you need a minimum of $1000/month to cover your tution and other expenses.
good luck, Nader

  From: Mohammad Zamani
Subject: suggestion and comments

Hello and congratulations for a well done job with farsinet website. I am surprised that I didn't know about your site till recently.

Initially I was very excited having found farsinet but then I started noticing the religeous stuff and that turned me off. I don't think we need any new or different religion. Iranian are in such a bad social and economical shape because of the religeous leaders.

I suggest farsinet stick with the cultural and literature content and leave religion for mullahs. Mohammad Z.

  From: farhad Sepahbody
Subject: Feedback

Dear Sir:

Farsinet is always a pleasure to visit, it is well conceived, technically superior, highly informative, unbiased and has excellent links. Bravo to You!

Best wishes for continued success = Farhad Sepahbody

  From: O. Bavar
Subject: Very Happy to find you!


I am an Iranian, married to an American and living in Brasil. I was delighted to find such a complete sight (regarding information on Iranian culture, language .....). Through your sight I was able to find dictionaries and children's books that I had been searching for for a long time.

I noticed someone asking for a source for Iranian names. I too will have a second daughter born soon, and am looking for a list of Iranian names. Can you help me? Salam,

Merci for visiting FarsiNet and glad to hear you have found it useful.

There are several sources on Persian Names (for boys & girls) at;

A Collection of Iranian/Persian Names
This Page includes a collection of common Iranian/Persian Names. Although some of these names are originally Arabic, they are commonly used by Iranians.

Iranian/Persian Names - Boys & Girls

Persian Name Books
Four different books on sound, meaning, history and dictionary of Persian names

Khoda Negahdar, Kourosh

  From:Sandra Carpita
Subject: from pisa visitor-italy

very nice site may iob is abaut rugs ciao from pisa italy

Ciao Sandra,
Merci per la visita del FarsiNet.
Cosė lavorate nel campo delle coperte persiane?
Bene, dovreste allora visitare le seguenti pagine persiane;

   Amir's Persian Rugs - Oklahoma, USA
   Sobati Persian Carpets - London, Belgrade, Tehran

Non sono stato a Pisa ma 2 anni fa ho visitato Venezia. Ho guidato gių da Graz Austria.

Ho usato per tradurre da inglese ad italiano. Spero che abbia fatto un buono lavoro di traduzione.

Avere un giorno grande, Kourosh
---------------------------------------- Hello Sandra,
Merci for visiting FarsiNet.
So you work in the field of Persian rugs?
Well, you should then visit the following Persian pages;

   Amir's Persian Rugs - Oklahoma, USA
   Sobati Persian Carpets - London, Belgrade, Tehran

I haven't been to pisa but 2 years ago I visited Venice. I drove down from Graz Austria.

I used to translate from English to Italian. I hope it did a good job of translating.

Have a great day, Kourosh

  From: Annette Baratifar
Subject: Haji Firuz


Do you know where I can find drawings of Haji Firuz? I am doing a project for my Setaregan Avalien Ghadam program for children and wanted to get some drawings to make a big picture of it so they will have something to relate to like Santa Claus. Can you help me out with some info or direct me to someone who can?

Yours Truly, Annette Baratifar

Annette Salam,

You can find 3 samples of Haji Firuz in farsiNet's Norooz Webpage;
Click on the images to get a larger version, the 3rd is an stamp.

I hope these help.

Regards, Nader
Subject: Where is Farsinet established?

Subject: Where is Farsinet established?

Where is Farsinet established? - Grace

To: Grace
Subject: Where is Farsinet established?

Thank you for visiting FarsiNet.
FarsiNet was established in Austin Texas in 1996. FarsiNet's WebServer resides in Austin Texas and its people are located at;
Austin (4), San Diego (2), Los Angeles (1), San Jose (1), New Jersey (1), London (3), Sweden (1), HongKong (1), South Korea(1) and Mashhad, Iran (1).

Hope it answers your question, Kourosh

From: Grace
Subject: Where is FarsiNet established?

It sure does. You have a wonderful web page. My friends & I have been searching for days & we finally came accross the BEST site.

Grace, Christina, Donna & Eve
Vet Students, Florida
Take care, we will keep in touch.

From: Ramin from Australia
Subject: Persian/Iranian Boys/Grils Names

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am searching for persian names(we are going to have a baby soon) and I came across your webside, but I couldn't found any. I was wondering if you have any webside that is got persian girl/boy names.


Ramin Salam,
Mercy for visiting FarsiNet and best wishes for your coming baby and your family. Here is where you can find whole bunch of Iranian/Persian Boys/Girls names;

Khoda Negahdar, Kourosh

From: Jill
Subject: English/Farsi Dictionary

Can you direct me to a site having an English/Farsi dictionary or translation? I am looking for the Farsi words for:
love (noun and verb forms)
welcome (greeting)
thank you
peace (noun)
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Salam Jill,

No I am not aware of an online Farsi-English dictionary but maybe I can help.

love (noun and verb forms)
Love = Eshgh, Doosty, Mohabbat
To Love = Doost Dashtan, A'ashegh Boodan
in love = A'ashegh,
Doost Daram (I love), Toe ra Doost Daram (I love you)

hello - Salam

good-bye - Khoda Hafez

welcome (greeting) - Khosh A'amadid

thank you - Mercy - Tashakkor

peace (noun) - Solh

Khoda Hafez, Nader

From: Faraz momenzadeh
Subject: Thank you!! salaam,,,,

my name is faraz monemzadeh and I am a student at san diego state university. I am full persian but never relly got into the culture, I was just sitting in my room reading and thought why not go surf the web. And so I came accross your web page and wanted to condulge you on a very top notch web page.

you have done a good job of keeping it real and realizing the importance of sharing the persian culture with us young people who are not relly in touch with our culture.

Thank you!!!!!!

From: Azari
Subject: Thank you!!

This is an unbelievable website! i am so thrilled to find an organization like this Online. I have lived in Virginia for most of my life and I feel as thought there is so much missing from my culture and knowlege of Iran. Thank you for making it easier for me learn more about our wonderful Country. I would love to meet the people responsible for this website. It makes me so proud to be Persian.

Dear Sirs
I am interested in finding out about recent developments in the mining

From: Bill
Subject: Mining Industry Info

Dear Sirs
I am interested in finding out about recent developments in the mining industry of Iran and enquiring as to the possibility of investing in copper and gold projects.

I represent some Australian investors. What avenues are there for private mining investment in Iran?

Sincerely, Bill

Hello and thank you for visiting FarsiNet.

Unfortunately I am unable to answer your questions. Your best bet is "Interest Section of The ISlamic Republic of Iran" in Washington D.C. or any of other Consulates or Embassies which you can find a list at;

Or you may contact the Washington D.C. office at;
Interest Section of The ISlamic Republic of Iran
2209 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Washington D.C. 20007
Tel: (202) 965-4990, Fax: (202) 965-1073

Best Wishes, Kourosh

From: Arash
Subject: What about Islam??

your site is nice and everthing, but in the religion section i didn't see anythink about islam. i mena it is the major religion of all persians. thanks. peace.

Dear Arash Salam,

Mercy for visiting FarsiNet and thank you for your feedback.

As I am sure you are aware, there are a dozen or so nicely done and well managed Islamic WebSites. So, I am sure the religion of the majority of Iranians is well presented on the net. You can find a comprehensive list of such websites in FarsiNet's PersianWeb © in Reliogion section;

Over 75% of Webpages hosted at FarsiNet are non-religous. Many of our pages are the result of someone's research and interest. If, what FarsiNet has to offer, does not seem interesting to you, Then best of luck with your journey in the endless CyberSpace, where the technology enables each one of us, each single individual, to express himself or herself and cherish the absolute freedom that is a God given right.

We do not have to follow the majority. We do not have to feel ashamed of our desire to stay free from forced ideologies. We do not have to feel guilty about following our hearts and our dreams. We do not have to feel guilty of choosing to represent a minority. We do not have to satisfy everybody. and we don't. There are a dozen people on FarsiNet WebTeam. I don't speak for them and they don't agree with all I said above, BUT we all believe in and understand the market that FarsiNet serves. Members of the FarsiNet Web Team are Christian, Moslem, Sufi, Buddhist & Bahai. And we don't have any Bahai, Hindu & Sufi Webpages either. FarsiNet is different and FarsiNet's market is distinct and well differentiated and I am glad you have noticed it as well.

- Kourosh

From: Fardin S.
Subject: Selam


My name is Fardin and im from Iran and im living in norway.Ilove to read iranish and i think its coolto read or learn iranian

By, by

Fardin Salam,

Mercy for visiting FarsiNet and your note.

I am glad to hear you enjoy Farsi and Iranian culture.

Please do come back and visit more of our many Webpages. Also pass on our URL ( to your friends and relatives.

Mercy Va Khoda Negahdar, Kourosh

From: Amir
Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Amir and I am trying to find a GIF or JPEG file. I was told by others that you may be able to help. I am looking for "HOMA", the sign which Iraninan national airline used before.

I do appriciate if you send me one or tell me where to find it.

Thank you in advance.
Yours truly, Amir

Amir Salam,
Mercy for Visiting FarsiNet.

You have several choices, all listed below. There are IranAir signs, Homa logos, as well as an IranAir airplane. homa1t.gif & iranair1t.gif are transparent gifs which we also use in the travel section of FarsiNet's PersiaWeb

IranAir 747 Jet

I do hope this is what you were looking for.

Khoda Negahdar, Kourosh

Subject: thanks for GIF addresses

salam kourosh,
This is Amir.While ago I asked you if you know a place to get "HOMA" GIF files, and you kindly sent me some addresses.
I just want to thank you for the help, those were what i was looking for.
Thanks again.
Yours truly, Amir

From: C. A.

Can you tell me how you created the Farsi logo used in FarsiNet's News page?

I gather it's been created in a paint program of some sort. I'd love to know which support creation of Persian characters?

Also, do you know of any resources for creating/displaying farsi characters in text or on web pages. I've installed a Persian font in win 95 but not found that it enables me to create Persian characters directly in a standard word processor, even if I select the text and change it to that >font--though it does enable me to see the text on the some web sites.

Any help appreciated. Thanks

Dear C. A. Salam, The FarsiNet News Logo is a hand writing which then was scanned. I am not aware of any of the persian word processors offering one such font. Nash're Alef - Persian desk top publishing is probably the closest solution to a hand writing publishing. You can find additional info about Nash're Alef at

Installing a mere Farsi font is not enough for Farsi desk top publishing. You either need a dedicated program which provides a dedicated environment or you need to install Farsi Windows. The regular window does not inherently support non-latin fonts.

Eventhough I have not used it myself, but I have seen people who use Microsoft word and other word processors in Farsi Windows operating system for Farsi word processing. you can check Peyvand's Persian HTML creation & display information page at for further information.

Don't loose heart though, native support of Farsi HTML is coiming soon to your favorite browsers and popular web publishing programs such as Microsoft FrontPage will also provide multi lingual content generation soon.

Good Luck, Regards va Khoda Negahdar, Kourosh

From: Faramarz (Denmark)
Duste aziz salam
Dar safhehaye FARSINET kolli tamasha karde wa lezzat bordam...
Faghat khahesh mikonam az inbebaad payamhayetan ra beh farsi benewisid. Rastash anghadr Batchehhaye Amrika wa Englis beh ma matnhaye Englisi miferestand digar halam beham khordeh. Dustan dar E-mail-hayeshan na salam mikonand nah khodahafezi... ( gheyr az shoma !) wa yek tamaddone ghorbati neshan midahand keh 3 HORUFE maarufe adam misuzad !!! ...

Dorud bar shoma faramarz

Faramarz Salam,
Mercy barayeh email.
Yeki az dalilayeh in-keh email ra be farsi nemiferesteem, ineh keh, nesf-e afradeey ke be FarsiNet meeAayand Farsi zaban neestand.

Omid Vareem Bezoody betavaneem, email ha ra be chand zaban beferesteem.

Mercy va Khoda Neghahdar, Kourosh

From: xerxes
Subject: Nationalism

Please consider what I am saying very carefully. It must not be Farsi ; it must be Parsi. After the Arab invasion it became Farsi because the Arabs do not have P in their alphabet.

This is not just a simple observation, but it is a matter of national identity. I stongly suggest that Parsi must be said and written, and not Farsi. We must be aware of some of the Arab influences.

Thank you. - Xerxes

From: ""
Subject: Iran

Comiser s.a.s. Busto Arsizio (Italy)
Phone: +39 331 679771 Fax: +39 331 630253

I have been visiting Iran several times in the last few years,mainly for my professional activities.- I knew a lot of top managers and qualified people in various sectors.-They seem to me very well prepared and very well oriented to western mentality.-

The country is absolutely beautifull mainly in springtime and in fall.- I recommend readers to make a visit there; probably many western Countries will appreciate better people and Country.-

Best regards - Elio Colombo

rom: Simin J.
Subject: Please add more information about Iranian Women

Ba Salam and tashakkor as kareh shoma dar Farsinet. Please add more information about and for iranian women.

There are so many iranian female poet, writers, singers, painters, etc. Mercy, Simin

Dear Simin,

Thank you for visiting FarsiNet. We would be glad to. If you have any material, just let us know and we'll setup a webpage for you. If you come across any interesting material on the net, please let us know and we'll add a link in FarsiNet's PersianWeb - Women - Resources, Issues, and Internet Web Sites

Regrads, Kourosh

From: Ali Gholsahd
Subject: Thank you for this website

Salam doostan azeez dar farsinet, I am very happy I found this website. I am very proud of what you people are doing for Iran and Iranians. Please don't stop.

Please add more poetry and more music.

Mercy va khoda hafiz, Ali

From: Sandeep Chand
Subject: Learning Farsi

Dear Webmaster,

I visited Farsinet and am impressed by the information that you have here. I am from India and have great fascination for Persia. I have had the opportunity to visit Iran when I was small.

I am interested in learning Persian ( the motivation comes from being able to read the untranslated version of Omar Khayyam). There are no courses offered here in Pittsburgh, PA in persian, so I would appreciate if you could give me some pointers on either basic books which I can use to learn persian. I understand that Omar Khayyam's rubbayaats were written in 11th century, which probably isn't close to modern farsi..but I eager to learn.

Thanks for any help you can provide, - Sandeep Chand


Hello and thank you for visiting FarsiNet and your note.

I can suggest 2 options; 1) 1/2/3 Grade Persian Reading Text ->

2) PC softwares available for teaching/learning Farsi

I hope this helps. - Regards, Kourosh

From: Ahmed ...
Organization: NFIE
Subject: thanks a million

dear editor farsi net: assalam-o-alaikum! thank you so much for posting int.milad-un-nabi conf.on farsinet News. nfie is very grateful for your kindness/consideration.may Khoda Wand Taala bless you with inner peace/happiness/prosperity.keep up the good work. wassalam:ahmed m.d.servant(president)nfie.

From: Ehsan
Subject: Thank You

(Ba salam)

A nice and beautiful web site, . . . but: Please don't degrade our language by calling it "Farsi" in English.


Thank you for the note.

As the internet technology advances and Farsi browsers become available we will be providing more and more of Farsi content. Meanwhile, we will keep adding more Farsi images.

We understand your concern and we agree with you, but considering the fact that over 90% of current WWW content is in english, FarsiNet content in FarsiEnglish is the most feasible solution.

We are working with MicroSoft to ensure we can provide bilingual content with the next generation of Web browsers. Meanwhile, if you have any ideas/suggestions on how we may improve the FarsiNet contents and/or utilize new techniques/technologies, please let us know.

Ba Tashakkor, Koroush

From: L. B.
Subject: very nice Site - Need help with LapTop

Hello. I have visited Farsinet site several times and I am not finished yet. Very nice. lots of information. Please keep up the good work.

I use your myhoo page a lot. please keep updating it. My 2nd favorite is your funnies page (Jafang).

I have one question. It has nothing to do with Farsinet but maybe you can help. I am in market for a Laptop computer but don't know what to look for. Where can I find some info. Do you have any suggestions?

A regular farsinet visitor, L.

To: L. B. <>
From: FarsiNet WebMaster
Subject: LapTop Info - Cheapest, Best Deal & Top of the Line

Hello L., Thanks for visiting FarsiNet site. We are glad you find it interesting and useful.

The following response is provided by Consultants at RimaTech Inc..

The following is the list of common features for LapTops and their minimum requirements for a mobile/desktop publishing/WebAccess computer to last for a few years.
LapTop Features, Options and Terminology
Processor: Pentium 75 Mega Hertz minimum. Pentium 100 and 133 mega hertz is preferred.
Memory: 16 Meg of RAM memory is minimum. 32 Meg RAM is preferred.
Display: Color 9 inch Dual Scan (minimum) Active Matrix is a better quality display and several $100s more. Active matrix can be viewed at an angle where is Dual Scan doesn't show much at an angle. i.e. The person next to you doesn't see much, but Active Matrix lets people sitting next to you in the plane (even across the Isle) to have a reasonable view.
CD:4X CD is minimum (higher X faster the CD drive and better quality)
Hard Drive:500 Meg minimum, 1 Gig (Giga bytes = 1000 Meg) is preferred. Removeable hard drives are preferred, since you can share your LapTop with others and each person can have his/her own drive complete with the operating system and all software, etc. Switching Drives takes 5 seconds.
Modem: 28.8K Modem/Fax/Voice minimum, 33.6K preferred. 14.4K (14400 bytes persecond transfer rate) is not sufficient for Web Surfing.
Sound:16bit integrated sound minimum. Wavetable or 3D audio is preferred.
PCMCIA: At least 2 type II (2) / 1 type III pcmcia card port is minimum.
External Display: Most Lap tops provide a port for connecting an external display and use the Laptop as a desktop computer. Should have SVGA (Super VGA = 1024 x 769 pixels) external capability
External Mouse & Keyboard: Most LapTops also allow you to connect a full size keyboard and regular mouse for desktop use.

Best Mobile/Desktop Setup:

Dear L., A perfect office/home/mobile setup would be one of the following LapTops + a 15 or 17 inch Color monitor + a keyboard and mouse. If you can find a high quality LapTop CD with a 17 inch color monitor + keybord + mouse + 28.8K Modem + carrying case for $2500 or less, BUY IT.

When at home, just connect your LapTop to the monitor and keyboard and use it as a desktop computer. When you are ready to hit the road, just take the laptop and GO.

What you can get for Under $2000

    IBM LapTop 365XD ($1999.00 Call PCs Compleat 1-800-210-8348, Fax: 1-800-669-8329
  • 100 MH Pentium Processor
  • 8 Meg of RAM
  • 10.4" Dual Scan Color Display (800 x 600 pixel resolution)
  • 810 Meg Hard Drive
  • 4X CD
  • 16 Bit Sound, speaker & microphone built in
  • 3 Hour battery
  • External floppy 3.5 inch 1.44MB drive
  • Trackpointing (built in mouse)

  • Call for their catalog. They have over 50 LapTops on Sale!

Best Deal on Color LapTop/CDs

    Texa Instruments Extensa 600CD - $1819.00 - PCs Compleat - 1-800-210-8338
  • 120 MH Pentium
  • 8 Meg RAM (max 64 Meg)
  • 12.1" Dual Scan Color Display, 800x600 resolution
  • PCI local bus video & 1MB video memory
  • Enhanced parallel, serial, monitor, PS/2, infrared, audio & expansion ports
  • 6X CD
  • 2 Type II or 1 Type III PCMCIA
  • 16-bit audio, mic and built-in speakers
  • touch pad
  • 3.5", 1.44MB, removable Floppy Drive
  • 3 hour NiNH battery
  • 9.5"x2.0"x11.9" and 6.5 lbs.
  • DOS & Windows for Workgroup or Windows 95 preinstalled
  • 1 Year Warranty

Top of the line LapTop:

    IBM LapTop 760ED - $5999.00 - PCs Compleat - 1-800-210-8348
  • Pentium 133 MH Processor
  • 16 Meg Ram
  • 12.1 inch Active Matrix Color Display
  • 2.1 Gig of HardDrive
  • 6X CD
  • 2Meg of Video Memory
  • Direct to TV Video Capture and Full Screen, full motion video play back
  • SoundBlaster Compatible Audio
  • 9 Hour Lithium Battery
  • 3 Year Warenty
  • Windows 95 + other software installed
  • Remore Printer connect capability (Infrared)
  • Audio In & Out

Best Deal from Dell

Order and Product Info: 1-800-433-6685 or visit
    DELL Latitude LM P100SD - $2199.00 or $81/Month Business Lease
  • New Multimedia Notebook
  • 11.3 inch SVGA Dual Scan Color Display
  • 16 MB RAM/810 MB Hard Drive
  • 256KB L2 Cache
  • Option Bay accepts 6X CD-ROM, 3.5" Floppy Drive (both included) or Optional 2nd Li-Ion Battery.
  • PCI Bus with 128-bit Graphics Accelerator
  • Integrated 16-bit Stereo Sound
  • Smart Lithium Ion Battery
  • Touchpad
  • IrDa 1.0 Standard Compliant
  • Under 7 Pounds
  • Extendable 1 year Warranty
  • Upgrade to a 1.3 GB Hard Drive, add $200

Additional Information on LapTops

L., I hope the above info helps. If you have any other question, please let me know.

Happy New Year, Koroush

From: Rl4funzzz@. . .
Subject: Help.. - "Vertanes"


I would like some help finding out the translation of my middle name. My mother is Armenian and I inherited her fathers name. My middle name is "Vertanes"..... and i am very interested in finding out. Please give me some ideas on how i can find out. Thank you very much..... I enjoy this site tremendously...thank you !!! please e-mail me if you have information on this subject.

Roy Vertanes . . .

To: R14dunzzz@. . .
.CC:sohrab, rasoul, venus, younes
Subject: Help.. - "Vertanes"


Hello and thank you for you note. Unfortunately I am not familiar with "Vertanes" and I was not able to find it in any of my Persian/English dictionaries. I am forwarding you note to several friends who might be able to help you. Sohrab, Rasoul, Venous & Younes - If you have any information on "Vertanes" please respond to Roy directly and .cc me as well.

Thanks Much - FarsiNet WebMaster
From: Meron
Subject: Do you hate my Israeli guts?

You guys are supposed to be from Iran and to hate my Israeli guts, you are supposed to swear at me and tell me I am a pig. come on you guys, bomb me, I want a little action... this sucks.


Shalom. Hope all is well on your side.

The FarsiNet Team is 50% Iranian and 50% American. I took a vote and I am sorry to say nobody here hates Israel or any Israeli. Everybody had something to say about some issues about Israel Government or its foriegn policies, but nobody, especially the Iranian Gang has any specific hate towards Israel. My own opinion is that we are so busy with our jobs and businesses and family and enjoying life here in beautiful Texas, that we haven't had time to hate anybody or pick a fight.

I hope this lack of hate for you or Israel does not disappoint you. As a matter of fact, one of our team members works with several Israeli's at the IBM Haifa Lab (Yossi, Aron, Yaron, Amir,...). Nader, another team member says when he lived in San Diego, he had a Jewish roommate. A very cool guy, a mathematician, very smart and one of the best chess players he had ever had the chance to play chess with. He also has a Mesianic Jewish Friend in California.

He is a cool Iranian Jewish dude who know believes in Jesus as his promissed Messiah. His parents have now moved from Iran to Israel.

FarsiNet Hosts a funnies WebPage called Jafang ( which means nonsense, rubish. One of the major contributors to this page is follower of Judism from New York and thru email we have become good friends.

You know what, I got it. The reason we (The farsi speaking memebers of FarsiNet Team) don't have any strong feeling towards Israel, is because we have lived outside of Iran for a while (10+ years). Maybe we have forgotten some of the Middle Eastern traditional stuff - like hating, fighting, blood, anger, war, fear, ... We have been busy learning and experiencing the other side of the same coin (peace, love, joy, enjoying life and keeping ourselves busy and out of trouble.

Anyway, Thank you for visiting FarsiNet and We hope you come back again. - Koroush

To: FarsiNet Webmaster
From: Adorable Rotem and the meron residence
Subject: ya alla. it's a baasa with you guys

It's like having a peace process with no bombings. That is what makes it all worth while. You guys are just too nice. Stop it.

You give me no choise - hugs and kisses to you all.

See ya, Rotem.
From: Sima K.
Subject:What is the global persian community

I liked the statement at the bottom of farsinet page. But I don't understand what you mean by global persian community.

Sima, "The Persian Global Community" refers to over 70 millions of Iranians/Persians in the world. In reality, as far as Internet access/communication is concerned, it refers to all Iranians/Persians who have access to the internet and utilize internet for communication and infotainment and edutainment. As this technology becomes more widespread and accessible and available in Iran, then all persians will be able to interact and communicate as a community via internet, regardless of where they live in the world.
From: M. P.
Subject: Good Job & Thank you

Congradulation on a good job with farsinet website. Thank you for taking the time and collecting all these interesting information. Please don't get too commercialized and pay more attention to content rather than fancy graphics.

Can you also send me some information on how I can setup a personal page on farsinet.

Thanks and good luck, M. P. (Montereal, Canada)
From: Reza S. K.
Subject: School project, can I use farsinet

Salaam. I am 15 years old and I am in high school in florida. I am doing a project for my history class and I am trying to find good stuff on internet. My dad got me started. I found farsinet and I like all historical stuff and graphics. Can I print some for my project? Can I use farsinet for my project? My dad is going to program my project and put it on the internet. He asked me to ask you if he could use some of farsinet stuff and also link it.

mercy, Reza

Dear Reza,

Please feel free to link to FarsiNet or any of its webpages in your project webpage. If you like to use the graphics, copy them to your own computer and then upload to your ISP account. If you like you can mention in your report where you got the graphics, etc. Good luck with your report and please let us know if we can be of further help.

Subject: A Note of Appreciation

I am very intrigued (and, happy, I might say) to discover these pages. An American myself, my roots go deep in Iran, and I am grateful that someone has created these pages for the public good. It is, however, a shame, that the English text is somewhat "bumpy." I wished you could have a careful editting of the texts so that all--images, texts, and contexts--would bring harmony to your intentions; Good work, and I say, bravo. Gratefully yours,

R. O.
Professor of English

To: (11/27/96)
Subject: Discount offer for constructing a web page

Pleease send me more information on FarsiNet SpecialOffer program.

With regards;
Mo S. (11/12/96)
Subject: farsiNet - Nice Site

You have a very nice setup.
Keep up the good work. Please don't add too many pictures, it gets very slow to down load. Some of us we don't have very fast computers or modems.

wish you good luck. - A. B.

Hello. My name is Vahid. I have developed a Farsi teaching software that runs on Windows. I have a Web sight that explains what my program is all about.

Would you please add a link from your page that reads Persian Teaching System and link it to

I will do the same, add a link, in my sight for your page. If this is agreeable with you please let me know. Thank you!

Vahid, We checked your site and down loaded and tested the demo and we have to congradulate you on a Great job. Very nice idea and a good implementation with great potential.

Check FarsiNet Clients & Affiliates Page for your URL and let me know if you have any problem accessing.

Looking forward to working with you in promoting your services. Koroush

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