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Iranian, Persian Professional and Cultural Organizations (IPCO) - انجمنهاى تخصصى و فرهنگى ايرانيان
Professionnel iraniens et persans et culturels organismes (IPCO)
Iranischer, persischer Fachmann und kulturelle Organisationen (IPCO)

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انجمنهاى تخصصى و فرهنگى ايرانيان
Iranian, Persian Professional and Cultural Organizations

Asia New Iranian Professional and Cultral Organizations listing in Asia, Korea, China, malayisia. Indonesia, Philipine,...
United States
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To add your organization to this list, send info to IPCO
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انجمنهاى دانشجويان ايرانى
Worldwide Directory of Iranian Persian Student Organizations

United States

American Iranian Anti-Discrimination Center
We fight against discrimination of the Iranians in the US, currently consisting of over one million highly educated immigrants. We believe in freedom and in the constitution of the United States of America, the most lawful and the most anti-discriminatory country in the wold. Hence, we fight against discrimination and defamation of our growing community in the US!

American-Iranian Council
American-Iranian Council, Inc. (AIC) is a non-profit independent research and educational institute.
As an objective organization, AIC has no affiliations with any government or political organization in Iran, the United States or any other country and it does not receive any government funding.
AIC is prohibited by law to make political endorsements in any country.
29A wiggins st. - Princeton, New Jersey 08542 (USA)
Telephone: (1)(609) 252-9099 Fax: (1)(609) 252-9698

Association for Middle East Women's Studies
Association of Iranian Professionals of Austin
Association of Professors and Scholars of Iranian Heritage
  • To establish, facilitate and promote scientific cooperation and exchange of scientific, educational and scholarly views among its members.
  • Annual recognition Ceremony for Outstanding Graduates of Iranian Heritage

  • Association of Iranian American Professionals in San Diego, california
    AIAP's Objective is to be a positive element in the professional, social and economical well being of its members and the community. Membership is open to all professionals interested in the Persian/Iranian culture.

    Association of Senior Iranian Immigrants of Orange County, California
    Association for Persian Logic, Language and Computing
    Butimar Productions
    Butimar Productions is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of the artistic and cultural traditions of the East. Through the production of documentary films, musical recordings, and performances; presentations of visual art; translations of literary works, and the organization of intercultural activities, we will bring this rich heritage to Western audiences, enriching the lives of current and future generations. We seek to promote cultural diversity in the face of the powerful forces of global cultural homogenization that threaten to drive unique forms of art, music, and literature to extinction.

    Center for Persian Culture
    Children of Persian
    Children of Persia, established in 1999, is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing health care, education and related facilities that promote the well being of needy children of Iran. Children of Persia has no affiliation with any religious, political or secular organizations.

    Children of Persia fully complies with the U.S. sanctions against Iran. As permitted under sanction 560-210- of the Iranian Transaction Regulations, Children of Persia's fundraising in U.S. will be used to provide humanitarian goods such as medical equipment, medicine and books for its ongoing projects. For details on US sanctions, please visit U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control web site and download the PDF file under Iran:

    Dabiri Foundation New Listing in FarsiNet's Iranian Persian Organization Directory, Dabiri Foundation
    The Dabiri Foundation was incorporated in1997 as 501(c)(3) organization. It is a non-profit corporation that is primarily involved in advancement of education. The involvement could be indirect as helping educational institutions or direct as an active effort to support projects defined by the board. In July of 2008, Dabiri Foundation's board of directors decided to embark upon a special project in addition to its ongoing activities.

    Dr. Modjtahedi Scholarship Fund New Listing in FarsiNet's Iranian Persian Organization Directory, Dr. Modjtahedi Scholarship Fund
    Dr. Modjtahedi Scholarship Fund was set up in honor of the late Dr. Mohammad Ali Modjtahedi, a prominent leader of Irans educational system for the past sixty years. The fund will assist higher education of American students of Iranian descent across the United States, consistent with the wishes of Dr. Modjtahedi. The board has recognized that this project requires significant amount of funding to become effective and the Foundation's limited resources can not support it at the present time. It has therefore decided to raise funding through individual donations.

    Ferdowsi Study and Research Center
    Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America
    Free Farsi Injil Distribution Ministry - Provide Free Persian (Farsi) Injil (New Testaments) to Farsi Speaking People World Wide
    Free Farsi Injil Ministry provides Persian (Farsi) Injil and other Christian resources to any Farsi speaking person, anywhere in the world who is interested in learning more about Jesus and His Teachings. This ministry is led by volunteers who themeselves been impacted by studing life and teachings of Jesus.

    Gilanian Council of Southern California
    Informatics Society of Iran (ISI)
    International Council of Iranian Christians (ICIC)
    Iran House of Chicago
    Welcome to Iranhouse,
    We would like to welcome you to the home of the Iranian community in Chicago. A list of events organized by us and other institutions/individuals in the Chicago area is provided on this website. The varying events are comprised of concerts, perfromances, and gatherings that take place in and around the city of Chicago. Additionally, you will be able to view some of the articles that are printed in the Khaneh newspaper.

    Iranian American Community
    Iranian American Cultural Society of Maryland
    Iranian American Democrats of New York
    Giving the Iranian Community a Voice in American Government
    Welcome to the website of the Iranian-American Democrats of New York. Here, you can learn about the Iranian Democrats and our activities, and see, how in a short time, we have helped put the Iranian community on the political map of New York State.

    Iranian American Friendship Action (IAFA)
    To promote understanding, mutual communication and friendship between Americans and Iranians. To bring these two great cultures closer together. To share and experience the best of the two cultures. To understand and cherish each other more.

    Iranian American Technology Council
    The Iranian American Technology Council is a nonprofit organization born from the insight and common vision of a group of Iranian American entrepreneurs and executives dedicated to supporting the educational and entrepreneurial goals of the next generation of Iranian Americans.

    We ask you, our community, to join us in creating a national network of mentors and sponsors. A network that will provide our youth access to the experience, opportunities, resources, and guidance that is ours to give. We ask you to join as we build this bridge of hope between our past and our future, our elders and our youth.

    Iranian American Volunteer Alliance (IAVA)
    We are pleased to announce the recent formation of the Iranian-American Volunteer Alliance of Washington (IAVA), a small but growing group of concerned individuals who seek to promote the spirit of philanthropy and volunteerism in the local Iranian-American community. IAVA is already launching its first effort: In recognition of the cultural and social services provided by Iranian-American organizations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, IAVA is sponsoring a program of music and remarks by Iranian-American and Iranophile scholars and artists, followed by a reception.

    Iranian Association of America - (310) 478-5828
    Iranian Association of Boston - Kanoon Iranian in Boston
    The Iranian Association of Boston is a non-political, non-religious organization and has no affiliation with any political or religious group. The IAB was established in 1989 with the help of Iranian countrymen and other friends and individuals interested both in promoting the social welfare of Iranian Americans and in providing a community network for Iranian Americans, especially recent immigrants, most in need of help and guidance.

    Iranian Association of Colorado Springs
    Iranian Chemists Association (ICA) - of the American Chemical Society
    Iranian Cultural Center of Orange County, California
    Iranian Cultural Community of Austin (ICCA)
    Iranian Cultural Center of Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas USA
    The purpose of the Center is to preserve and enhance the culture within the Iranian community of the metroplex as well as to present this rich culture to non-Iranian friends, neighbors, news media and public in general. The center is totally funded by the local Iranian community and has no ties or connections to and receives no help from any political or governmental agency or organizations.

    Iranian Cultural Society of Chicago
    Iranian Cultural Society of Huntsville, Alabama
    Iranian Cultural Society of North Carolina, USA
    Our mission is to establish and enhance communication among Iranians and their families by way of meetings, parties, outings, and other recreational and social events. In conjunction with this mission, ICSNC strives to preserve the Persian language and culture among Iranians and their families in North Carolina. (Website:

    Iranian Federated Women's Club
    The Iranian Federated Women's Club is a local non-profit educational and service organization that promotes and introduces the Iranian Community to the Bay Area. Our local charitable endeavors include scholarships, and projects such as Braille and audiotaped books for the blind, the El Camino Bell project of California and service to the elderly, . The Iranian Federated Woman's Club has adopted Payvand, an Iranian Cultural School located at De Anza College that fosters an interest in Iranian culture by teaching Iranian heritage, traditions and language.

    Iranian Human Rights Working Group (IHRWG)
    Iranian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE)
    The objective of this new Journal is to discuss, through papers, new theoretical developments and techniques in the field of Electrical or Computer Engineering and their application to real world problems.

    Iranian Professional Society of Oregon
    A non-political, non-racial, non-religious organization established to provide its members a forum for exchange of technical and cultural information.

    Iranian Professional Women
    Iranian Trade Association (ITA)
    A non profit organization, committed to promoting and expanding Iranian business, trade, and commerce around the world

    Iranian/Persian Students Associations and Organizations (ISAO)
    Iran Teachers Association
    Iranian Transportation Professionals (ITP):
    The goal of ITP is to promote technical and professional dialogue among Iranian transportation professionals living abroad with the transportation community at large, and particularly with the transportation professionals in Iran. This forum is intended to increase interaction among Iranians in the field of transportation. Transportation professionals from the academia, industry and government are encouraged to participate in ITP activities. Meetings in major transportation conferences (ITE, TRB etc.) may be arranged in advance of the events.

    Iranian Women's Studies Foundation (IWSF)
    The IWSF is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization, which aims to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on issues related to Iranian women, to disseminate information on Iranian women's achievements, and to establish a network of communication among communities of Iranian women the world over.

    Iranian Zoroastrian Women's Organization
    New England Iranian Community - Tel: 617-225-9571
    North Carolina Iranian Community
    Network of Iranian-American Professionals of Orange County, California
    NIAS - Network of Iranian American Society
    A non-profit organization of young Iranian-American Professionals dedicated to humanitarian and cultural events.
    NIAS believes that within the great Iranian-American community, we can make a tremendous difference by un ifying, educating ourselves, and providing support services.

    NoRooz Foundation - Helping Iranian Refugees Around The World
    Norooz Foundation is a humanitarian organization led by volunteers, committed to provide relief to the victims of war, disaster, hunger and poverty.

    Norooz Foundation is an independent organization maintaining its autonomy and neutrality in political, racial, religious, and ideological nature. It is the sole intention of this foundation to bring relief and hope to those in desperate need. Norooz foundation acknowledges, respects, and supports the right and diversity of each person in its own organization and in the communities and countries in which it serves.

    Pars Educational and Cultural Society of Chicago
    Pars Educational and Cultural Society was established over twenty-five years ago. It is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the cultural and educational needs of the Iranian-American community in the Greater Chicago area.

    Pars holds classes, lectures, presentations and cultural functions. It actively promotes cooperation and understanding inside and outside the Iranian-American community.

    Persian Community Center, Atlanta
    Persian Community Center (PCC) of Atlanta is an independent and non-profit cultural and social center and is not affiliated with any political or religeous organization BUT welcomes all Iranians of Atlanta and vicinity.

    Rumi Art Society
    Founded by a group of culturally involved Iranians in Austin in 2000, the Rumi Art Society is an Iranian cultural organization dedicated to furthering the apprecitaion of Iranian culture, inspired by values embodied in the life of Jalaloddin Rumi (1207-1273), one of the world's leading mystical poets and spiritual leaders. Those values include love for one's fellow human beings, reconciliation of individuals and groups through love, love of freedom of thought, and discovery of spiritual meaning through full participation in nature and human society.

    Shabeh Jomeh
    What is Shabeh Jomeh?
    Shabeh Jomeh is a monthly gathering of Iranian professionals living in the metropolitan areas of major cities - currently, Chicago, London, New York and Seattle and Washington, DC. Also, Shabeh Jomeh will soon be debuting in the San Francisco Bay Area in the August/September timeframe and Los Angeles in September. Next stops: Atlanta, Hawaii and Dallas/Ft Worth! Stay tuned.

    Society of Iranian Professionals (SIP) of Northern California
    The Committee for Humanitarian Assistance to Iranian Refugees (CHAIR)
    The International Federation of Iranian Refugees and Immigrants Councils (IFIRIC)
    The Society for Iranian Studies - Founded in 1967
    The purposes of this Society is
  • to encourage the study of Iranian culture and society, including the history, languages, literature, the arts, as well as Iran's contemporary social, economic, and political situation.
  • to provide unrestricted opportunities in its publications and forums for the presentation of scientific findings on Iran from all perspectives;
  • to work to safeguard freedom of inquiry and expression for its members and other scholars in Iranian studies.

  • The Written Heritage Publication Centre - Founded in 1994
    The Written Heritage Publication Centre,Which is an institute founded in 1994 in order to research,proofread and backup the publication of ancient Iranian writing.The institute have been brought to issue about hundred ancient manuscripts in deffrent field such as Philosophy, History, Geography, Religion Sciences specially Islamic sciences, Persian & Arabic literature ,...till now. If you are active in this field or related and have any interest in ancient Iranian Writings,let us become aware of it and coopration fields. And also,This centre is publishing a special quartery with the name of "Ayeneye Miras"due to manuscripts in Persian. Persian Heritage Centre Email

    WEBIRAN - A source of legal information and documents concerning Iran

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