NoRooz Persian New Year the Ever lasting Tradition and Celebration Poetry by Bozorg-Mehr vaziri from Houston, NoRuz is an Everlasting Ancient Persian Tradition, Persian Poetry on Significance & Longivity of NoRuz Persian New Year by Vaziri
Persian New Year is First Day of Spring and Celebrated by Iranians, Afghans, Tajiks, Kurds, Send Free farsi Greetings, Learn History of NowRuz, Read NoRuz Poetry, Learn about NowRuz Traditions, How Old is NowRuz? What is Persian Imperial calendar
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    Persian Recipes, Iranian recipes, Persian Cuisine, Iranian Cuisine, Worldwide Directory of Persian and Iranian Restaurants
    رستوران ايرانى ... غذاى ايرانى ... فارسى ايتز.كام

    UAE - United Arab Emirates

    Abshar Restaurant

    Jumeirah Beach & Deira Area

    Alborz Restaurant

    Traditional Iranian Cuisine with Home Delivery
    Sheikh Zayed Road

    Anar Restaurant

    Souk Madinat Jumeirah
    Persian Food at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah

    Darya Restaurant

    Samaya Hotel Deira
    Modern Persian Food in a nice modern setting

    Golestan Restaurant

    Garhoud Dubai
    Bustling Persian restaurant with Shisha and Live Music

    Iranzamin Restaurant

    Emirates Concorde Hotel & Residence
    Traditional Iranian food in Deira

    Red Table Iranian Restaurant

    Al Satwa
    Ground Floor, Sheikh Mohd Building, Al Dhiyafah Road, Al Satwa
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Phone number of Iranian Red Table Restaurant in Dubai UAE for Best Persian Cusine in Dubai04-345-1222
    Abu Dhabi


    Marina Malla, Ras Al Akhdar
    A very popular Persian Chain in Marina Mall

    Hatam Al Tae

    Al Markaziyah, City Center
    A very friendly restaurant with Traditional Persian Cuisine


    Mourouj Hotel Apartments, Madinat Zayed
    A Luxary Persian eatery that won't break the bank
    Al Ain

    Al Sadaf Irani Restaurant

    Irani - Khaleeji & Arabi Cusine
    Best Authentic Iranian Food in Al Ain
    Al Ain City Center, Near Mega Mart, Behind Jahili Fort, Next to Jahili Park, Across from Private Dept.
    Phone number of Sadaf Persian Iranian Restaurant in Al Ain+971-03-754-8940

    Hatam - Irani Food

    Al Ain Mall - Food Court
    Phone number of Sadaf Persian Iranian Restaurant in Al Ain+971-03-766-3353

    Shahryar Restaurant

    Iranian Food - Outdoor Menu
    Al Ain Mall - Ground Floor - Cinema Entrance (East Entrance)
    Phone number of Sadaf Persian Iranian Restaurant in Al Ain+971-03-766-3353

    Omar Al Khayam Restaurant

    Phone number of Omar Khayam  Persian Iranian Restaurant in Sharjah+971-06-882-2889


    Seafood, Lebanese and Persian Cuisine
    Sharjah, Al Khan Road
    Phone number of Sanobar Persian Iranian Restaurant in Sharjah+971-06-528-3501

    Directory of Persian Iranian Restaurants in the United Arab Emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi Al Ain Sharjah

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    Chaharshanbeh Suri Nowruz Fire FestivalPersian New Year Red Wednsday Fire Festival

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