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Faith & Hope Library and Publishing
(A Non-Profit Organization devoted to Promoting and Publishing Persian Christian Literature)

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Books by Faith & Hope Publishing: Balance of Grace & Faith (تعادل بين فيض و ايمان), Effects of Praise, Harnessing Your Emotions, Get Ready!, School of Obedience, Is Any Sick Among You?, Injil Sharif, Power of A Praying Wife, Power of A Praying Church, Christian Denominations, Commentary on the book of Revelation, Catalog (Farsi) Faith & Hope Pub;ishing Catalog in Persian, How To Order Go to Faith & Hope Library and Publishing Main Page
Tafsir Mokashefeh
( Commentary on Revelation)

A New Commentary and Analysis of the Revelation of Jesus Christ Full Old and New Testament in Farsi (Hard Cover),Standard Version- New Edition
By faith & Hope Library Publishing
First Edition: 2002
Price: $8.00
This an outstanding analysis and comentary on the prophetic book of Revelation of Jesus Christ by Rev. David Thomas. A must have for the serious students of Bible. This book written originally in Persian, reviews significance of Symbols, Dates, Numbers and events described in the book of Revelation.
Ketab-e-Moghadas ( Holy Bible In Persian )
The Old Translation
The Full Old and New Testament in Farsi (Hard Cover),Standard Version- New Edition
By Elam Ministries
First Edition: 1996
Second Edition: 1999
Price: $8.00
Large Size
This is the old translation of the Farsi Bible which is published. This edition has New Typesetting, punctuation marks, section heading, cross reference.
Ketab-e-Moghadas ( Holy Bible In Persian )
The Old Translation
The Full Old and New Testament in Farsi (Hard Cover),Standard Version- New Edition
By Elam Ministries
First Edition: 1996
Second Edition: 1999
Price: $6.00
Small Size
This is the old translation of the Farsi Bible which is published. This edition has New Typesetting, punctuation marks, section heading, cross reference.
Ketabe Moghadas(The Persian Holy Bible)
Targomeh Tafsiri
The Full Old and New Testament in Farsi (Hard Cover),Farsi Contemporary Bible
By International Bible Society
Price: $8.00
This is the Farsi NIV-version of the Holy Bible. This translation is written in contemporary Farsi language, understood by almost all persian/Farsi speaking individuals. The book is published by the International Bible Society in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached
(Text in Persian)
By: Gordon Lindsey
Translated by: Robert Asyrrian
Eteranl Life Publications
Price: $3.00
A brief pamphlet on the sermon of the mountain. This five chapter book reviewes the well-known "Beatitudes...The Blessed are ...".
Chapter 1: Blessed are
Chapter 2: Change of the law of Moses
Chapter 3: The act of enemies
Chapter 4: The motivations of a desciple of Jesus
Chapter 5: The final teachings
Khaaen (Treacherous)
(Text in Persian)
By: Stan Telchin
Translated by: Ebi Ghaffari
Chosen ( A Division of Book House Co )
ISBN : 0-8007-9068-5
Price: $5.00
The story of a Jewish Businessman(Insurance agent), who receives a phone call from his daughter, bringin him news that She has accepted Jesus as her saviour. Story begins with this feeling of treachery that he would spend times to prove his daughter that she has mad the biggest mistake of her life. This story is equipped with jewish treasures and also talks about the history of Messiahnic jews in early christian history.
Roshde Roohani ( Be Mature )
(Text in Persian)
By: Dr. Warren Virsbee
Translated by: Dr. Ferreidoon Eshagh
Light of The World Publications
C 1977 by Victor book
A Division of SP Publications Inc.
Price: $4.00
This is a detailed study of the Book of James for all leaders and believers. A good source for bible study. Consists of 13 chapters covering the whole Book of James.
Raazgahaan ( Devotion Time )
(Text in Persian)
By: Richard Vormbrand
Voice Of Martyrs (Oklahoma)
Copyright 2001 VOM
380 Pages
Price: $10.00
This a 365-days devotional pages for believers. There is a page per day devotional subject for believers to read and meditate. Each page also refers to one or more of the scripture text.
Khodaye Nikoo, Khodaye Amin
(Text in Persian)
By: Pastor Samuel Khaangoldy
Printed By AB Press, California, USA
Price: $8.00
The Life Story of Pastor Samuel Khaangoldy and how he was able to overcome turbulances and adversities confronted him, including recent loss of his wife. A very moving christian story which can be used as a symbol for strength and hope. Introductions to the book is written by several Iranian Pastors including Pastor Saru Khachikian, Pastor Fereidoon Eshaagh
Az sargardaani ta rastegaare
(Text in Persian)
By: Katie Allen
Light of The World Publication
1998 edition
Price: $3.00
Some of the chapters include: Meaning of sin, Consequences of sin, Meaning of salvation Fundamentals of salvation, Way to submission, power of Jesus in overcoming sin, Victorious living in Jesus
Mabani-e-Massihiat (Basic Christianity)
(Text in Persian)
By: John Stott
Translated by: Robert Asseryan
Eternal Life Publications
Persian First Edition published at: 1996
Price: $5.00
This is a key book in Christianity. These are the questions that have been answered in this book:
  • Who Was Jesus Christ?
  • What was he claiming about himself?
  • Why was he crucified?
  • What proves his resurrection?
Chera Massihi Hastam (Why I am a Christian)
(Text in Persian)
By: Arnold De Vigel
Translated by: Fereidoon Rajaee
The Aftabe Edalaat Publications, Tehran
Price: $2.00
A critic pamphlet on Bertrand Russel's Religious ideaology. This is one of the more controversial books of this author
Siaahate Massihi (The Pilgrim's Progress )
(Text in Persian)
By: John Banian
Translated by: Hessam Mortazavi
Elam Publications
Britain, 2001
Price: $6.00
This is a symbolic biography of an individual who is looking for truth. This seeker of truth leaves the town where he was born and head for an internal life where life still exist. The hero of the story takes on lots of challenges and goes thru turbulances and adversity to reach his final goal, just like a christian.
What Teenagers Seek?
(Text in Persian)
By: David Wilkerson
Translated by: T. Mikaeelian
Eternal Life Publications
Sixth Edition
Price: $4.00
A Must-Have for all the youngster who are about to enter the world around them. Biblical principles that keep the teenagers safe and away from corruptions of the society. This book is written by a person who literally lived among gangster and cults in NewYork and has seek their hearts.
"Jesut Christ"
(Text in Persian)
By: Wilhm De Wing
Proclama Publications, Amerongen, The Netherland
Translated by: The International Student Services, Germany
First Edition, 1995
Price: $3.00
A Colorful pictorial book of the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Great for presentation of Bibles to non-believers. This is a book that its contents was taken from Holy Bible in several languages, such as: French, Spanish, Turkis, Arabic, Engish and Dutch.
A Small Bible!
(Text in Persian)
By: Roy Hession
Translated by: Haleh Emami-Pezeshki
Bibeln Till Alla Publications
Price: $5.00
This is a bible written for children. Easily written for children with colorful pictures. This is written to encourage children to the literature of the Word of God. For those children who do not find the regular Bible easy to understand, this book is a Must.
Rahe Salib ( The Calvary Road )
(Text in Persian)
By: Roy Hession
Translated by: T. Mikaeelian
Elam Publications
1950 Christian Literature Crusade
Persian Edition, 1965, 1998
Price: $3.00
A rich collection of sermons and messages of some of christian leaders of late 1940s in a revival for the Easter.
My First Bible In Pictures(Farsi)
(Text in Persian)
By: Kenneth Taylor
Translated by: Saru Khachikian
Pictures by: Richard and Francis Hook
1989 Tyndale House Publishers
1996 International Bible Society - Europe
Price: $6.00
This little size Bible with 125 of the best stories of the Bible along with beautiful colorful pictures allows the children to learn Word Of God the easy way and fun! This can be taken to church by the children as well as to be studied at home throughout the week with parents.
Dar Jostejoy-e- Haghighat (In Search Of Truth)
(Text in Persian)
By: M. H. Finley
Translated By: T. Michaelian
The Eternal Life Publications

Price: $2.00
Everything one needs to know about the bible. Chapters consist of the following subjects:
  • What is Bible and where it came from?
  • Why we should call it "Word of God"?
  • If it is Word of God, why people hate it?
  • Why so many translations?
  • What is the relationship of New and Old Testaments?
  • Scientific facts about Bible.
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Trinity?
Rahnamaye Ketabe Moghaddas
(Text in Persian)
A translation of Halley's Bible Handbook
By: Henry Halley
Translated by: Jessica Babakahaian, Sabrina Badlian, Edward Eisaa Beik,
Translation supevised by: Pastor Saru Khachikian
ARK Publications, 2000

Price: $8.00
This is a MUST reference book for any persian reader. This is one of a kind book which covers the whole Holy Book of Bible. It explains verses and its history and culture and covers all in an easily understandable form. This is the Highest circulated book ever written on Bible.
Rahe Zendegani ( The Way of Life )
(Text in Persian)
By: Dr. Fender Almani
200 pages
Price: $3.00
A detailed discussion of sin and its existance and the way to salvation. It has a solid proof about why there is no other way to salvation except blood of Christ.
Massihit Chist ( What is Christianity )
(Text in Persian)
By: Dr. William M. Miller
Translated by: Kamal Moshiri
With some by: T. Mikaeelian
Eternal Life Publications
Eight Edition, 2000
Price: $3.00
Who is God?. Who is Man? What is sin? and Who is Jesus Christ? This book is a every-day descriptions of fundamentals of Christian Faith. There is not any general subject in Christian faith that is not covered in this book. Also one of the most circulated book there is.
The Book of Pslams in Farsi
(Text in Persian)
Price: $2.00
The Farsi translation of the Book of Psalms(from Old Testament). This is a pocket size of the inspirational book of Psalms, written in medium-sized fonts for easy reading.
Pages: 197pp.
Life-Giving God
(Text in Farsi)
By: Homer Doeken
Published by: Voice of Injil(Bible) Publications
Price: $3.00
This book was first published in Tehran in 1966 and then two more prints in 1995 and 1996 through "Light and Hope" monthly journal. The book is a direct hit into the issue of creation. It also reviewes the existance of Satan and the consequences of sin. In later chapters, it explains the necessity of Jesus and the conseqeuences of his crucification and resurrection.
Talabidan-e-khoda(To seek Lord)
(Text in Persian)
By: A. W. Towser
Translated by: Ramin Bastaami
Price: $5.00
This book is the result of spiritual challenges and fruits of the author's seek on the nature of God. He was a pastor of a remote church, vaguely known, in south Chicago. After publication of this book, he became well-known in Chritian world and his work left a great impression in Evangelical church in years to come. Book has a preface from Pastor James. L. Snyder on March 1991, around 50 years after the first print of the books went on print. The book shows his personal experiences on getting closer and intimate to God.
Bahay-E Mohabat(The Costliness of Love)
(Text in Persian)
By: H. B. Dehqani-Tafti
Price: $5.00
This book is an attempt to explain the reasonableness of Faith in God in today's world, and to interpret the essentials of Christianity to Iranians with the help of the Bible and Persian poets. The contents of this book are the sermons of the author in years of ministry in Iranian churches. They include personal experiences, writings of Pastor Stephen Neal, and most of it are the works of Dr. Greg, pastor and one of the prominent author of Britain.
Mosharekat-E-Massihie(Life Together)
(Text in Persian)
By: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Translated by: Eisa Dibaj
Price: $3.00
A Book about fellowship and spending time with other believers and spending time alone with God.
The chapters consist of: Fellowship, Fellowhsip with others, Getting alone with God, Ministry and Communion
Eisaa Che Migoyad (What Does Jesus Say )
(Text in Persian)
By: Robert Boyd Manger
Light Of The World Publications, 1998
Price: $4.00
This is a 15 chapter book that explains the sayings of Jesus. The Chapters are all about what Jesus has said about the following typical subjects: Himself, Us, Goodness, Evil, The most important thing in the world, His Plan for the world, Faith, Worship, Family, Life, Change and transformation and ...
The Great Power of Prayer (Ghodrat-e Aazim-e Doaa)
(Text in Persian)
By: Sammy Tippit
Translated by: Michele AghaMalian
Sammy Tippit Ministries
Price: $5.00
This is a book about prayer and its contents are a wealth of information about Why we should pray, The methods of prayer and the last chapter talks about prayer and spiritual revival. With an introduction from Dr. Joseph, M. Stoval, The principle of Moody Bible School
The Man God Uses
(Text in Persian)
By: Oswald J. Smith
Translated by: T. Mikaelian
Price: $4.00
This book was translated years back by one of the leading pastors in Iran who later on became a martyr for his faith in Jesus. This 19 chapters book, details what a Christian should do to stay as close as possible to God and remain in His presence. Typical Chapters:
  • Separation from the world
  • What does God think about me?
  • A sacred life
  • God's plan for out lives
  • Giving the "Good News" to others
  • How can one live for Lord
  • The most precious service to Jesus
In the Presence of God
(Text in Persian)
By: Andrew Murray
Translated by: Robert Asyrrian
Price: $4.00
If you ever wanted to know about the "holiness" and how Old Testament explains it, this book is just talks about that. These are some of the questions that are answered in details in this book:
  • How one can enter into the presence of God?
  • How can we have a clear communication and fellowship with Lord?
  • Does the "experiencing God" is a repeatable process for a christian or only the "super"-believers experience it?
  • What are the obstacles of true experiencing God?
The Living Psalms (Naghmehay-e-javidaan)
(Text in Persian)
Tranlsated by: Maasom-ali Khoosravi & Joel Slaughter
1972 by Living Bibles International
Reprinted in 1990 By Iranian Christians International Inc.
Price $2.00
This is a portion of the Living Bible, written by Kenneth Taylor. There are selections of Book of Pslams, with subject reference. The main subjects of Book of Psalms are worship, praise and prayer. Worship is the main topic of the book. The Living Psalms is a book for needy, ill, the spiritual-hungry and whoever finds himself in the adversity of life.
Farsi-English New Testament
(Text in Farsi & English side-by-side)
Voice Of Martyrs
ISBN 0-88264-330-4(casebound Black)
ISBN 0-88264-332-4(casebound Burgandy)
Price $6.50
This is the New Testament portion of the Farsi Contemporary Bible. Each page is divide in two columns(Farsi and English) for easy reference. The book is also has the subject headings to easily referring to the requested items. The word "New Testament" refers to Jesus and His Works. When Jesus entered the world, God made a New convenant with mankind. He sealed this covenant with death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. From then on, man can find eternal fellowship and life with God by believing His Son.

Books by Faith & Hope Publishing: Balance of Grace & Faith (تعادل بين فيض و ايمان), Effects of Praise, Harnessing Your Emotions, Get Ready!, School of Obedience, Is Any Sick Among You?, Injil Sharif, Power of A Praying Wife, Power of A Praying Church, Christian Denominations, Commentary on the book of Revelation, Catalog (Farsi) Faith & Hope Pub;ishing Catalog in Persian, How To Order Go to Faith & Hope Library and Publishing Main Page

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