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Is it a sin to pray??
Is all witchcraft bad?
Is it possible for a home or any object to be Demon possessed?
Thank you so much for writing an article like this one!!
May your testimony about Truth bear abundant fruit
I needed to hear this message
I was saved out of the occult
I need help. My niece, who is 12 years old is involved in witcraft rituals
Witchcraft Medallions - Do they really exist?
What is the comparison between abortion and witchcraft?
Is it considered witchcraft to light a candle and pray for the help of an angel?
Am I sinning if I find so much happiness in witchcraft?
How do I recognize if a person is demon possessed?
Thank you for keeping me away from Witchcraft


Q: Is it a sin to pray?


Q:I Can't find a job, is there a curse on my life?

Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2015 04:55:47 -0700
Subject: Thank you sooo much

I have read through your article on witch craft it help me alot to understand jow the devil is a liar. My life has been soo mixed up with mixed feeling as to either consult witch doctors or not as i am a graduate and have been job hunting for the past 8 years or more without any luck. And i felt like there is some witch craft curse on me! I will put all my wories into Gods hands and you guys pray for me also to have a stronger faith to believe in a living God so that i dont back slide. Thank you

A: Tuwilika, I am glad to hear that the Truth of Word of God has helped you to understand that only God is the source of our well being and help. As you have indicated the Devil ultimate goal and strategy is to destroy, kill, lie, steal, ... We will continue to remember you in our prayers so the Lord will strengthen you and your faith in Him as He leads you and provides the right Job for you. He is your Jehova Jirah, Your Provider and He is your Jehova Nissi your Protector and your banner of Victory.

I cover you with the blood and protection of Christ whose Victory is your Victory over fear, hopelessness, despair, depression and lack of energy, for as a child of God you have all that is needed to do all that your heavenly father created you for.

For He has awesome plans for your life. Plans to prosper you and to use you for the good of humanity and Kingdom of Heaven.

Amen - FarsiNet Truth Project

Q: Is all witchcraft bad?

Hello, I am a pre-teen with a question, I need to ask you. Is all witchcraft bad? In recent shows(which I have found entertaining) such as 'Charmed' on the WB network have portrayed three young woman as nice people who inhertit 'gifts' from their mother and other ancestors. They have a duty to protect mankind from all evil. It is never made clear whether or not they are pagan or Christian.(I by the way am Christian) Is this portayal accurate? Are some witches Christian and nice? Thank you and please e-mail me soon.

A: Dear pre-teen,

Greeting in the name of Jesus. According to the Word of God all kind of witchcraft (voodoo, black or white magic), any charms for protection or destruction all are bad no matter what and no matter how the witches represent it to deceive the people.

Christian people do not need any protection from Satan's side. God is greater than the defeated Satan, also God's angel are stronger than Satan's army (evil spirits).

According to Psalms 34:7 God's angel guards those who honor the Lord and rescues them from danger.

We should not follow those people that disobedient the Lord, no matter how nice they are or claim they are Christian or have a gift from mother or ancestor. Those kind of the gift directly comes from Satan not God. Some of the witches claim they are Christian but they are not, they are wolves in sheep skin. According to the Bible Christians should never get involved with witchcraft of any kind even for the good purposes like white magic.

God bless. Truth team

Q: Is it possible for a home or any object to be possessed, or is demon possession strictly something that can only happen in people?

A: Yes, any place, any object and any person can be possessed or be under the influence by evil spirits. In case of objects dedicated to demons (idols, artifacts, etc.), the best course of action is to destroy them. However, it is well to check secondhand cars, things getting from garage sales, homes, and apartments also, because; - If the former owners or tenants had Satan worshipping, witchcraft practices, calling the spirits, Ouija boards, or other occult paraphernalia, or were involved in serious bondage to sin, then there is every reason to suspect that evil spirits could be lingering behind. These spirits can and will cause trouble to the new owners or whom are living there.

All Christians must keep in mind that any prayers offered to anyone or anything other than God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit constitute prayers and / or worship to demons. It open the way for evil spirits to have access to that place or person. Very often, these are answered in the form of curses, for demons can and do respond to those who have request of them. Remember also, that the one offering the false prayer, may be utterly deceived and think they pray to God, but the results are the same in either case. When detected, curses must be broken in order to rout the demons. We suggest that, two believers go on a mission such as this, with bible in their hand. The verses from scripture may be read aloud in unison or separately. Pray for discernment of spirits and for God to reveal objects which may have occult spirits and power, to be destroyed. Look for little Mexican sun gods, idols, incense, Buddha, hand carved objects from Africa or the Orient, Ouija boards, anything connected with astrology, horoscopes, fortune telling, and so on. Books or objects associated with witchcraft, good luck charms (mood rings, four leaf clovers, rabbit's foot, horse shoes), Cult religions, Eastern religion or any teaching such as Zen, Tao, Buddha, Hare Krishna, Transcendental meditation, I Ching, Reincarnation, Karma, Yoga, Kabala, Metaphysics, Christians Science, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, New age, any philosophy that denies deity of the Lord Jesus, rock and roll records and tapes all fall in the category of things which have been often loaded with evil spiritual power.

You must verbally denounce Satan and his power and all of his demon hosts and claim authority as a believer-priest, because of the name of Jesus Christ and authority of His shed blood. After prayer, let the believers alternate reading Scriptures preferably in every room of the house or apartment and claim the cleansing of the area by demanding in Jesus name that the angels of the Lord be in charge to capture the evil spirits and imprison them until the Judgement day.

Some Scripture which has proven useful in this include: Isaiah 8:9,10; Colossians 2:14, 15; Philippians 2:9-11; Galatians 3:13; Revelation 12:11; Revelation 22:3; Deuteronomy 21:23; Deuteronomy 32:5; Numbers 23:8; II Samuel 7:29; Psalm 124; Psalm 148; Psalm 150; Psalm 91; Psalm 149: 5-9.

According to James 5:14 you may call for the elders of the church or those whom have experience in Deliverance Ministry and let them pray over the house or apartment and anoint it with oil in the name of Jesus. The door lintel and window sills must be anointed by touching them with olive oil which is symbol of the Holy Spirit. Other things such as statues, secondhand cars or things bought from garage sale or other places should be anointed in Jesus name too. Each thing and area should be claimed as ground for the Lord and taken back from Satan and his demons. Any known sins or occult connections should be renounced and confessed as sin and put away. Any specific areas of demonic activity or influence of which you are aware should be denounced by name (Proverbs 3:33).

The Grecian had a phylactos for protection. The Italian Horn or Cornu (a wiggly horn) is sometimes worn alone or in combination with a cross. Another charm supposed to work against the evil eye is the Manu Cornatu or the Hand. There is an amulet called a Fig (a fist with index and little finger up and the two middle fingers held down by thumb). It is sometimes called a Mano (to make a fig with the hand). This sign is used as a "goat's head" by Satan worshippers and also as an obscene gesture. Another thing commonly seen is Ankh symbol of lust and Egyptian fertility goddess. One branch of witches called Alexandrians combine a rose with five petals with the Ankh. It is a cross with an oval loop on top and a ram or goat's head is worn by Satan worshippers. This is a symbol of fertility and lust too. All the sign of Zodiac are rooted in the Babylon system so hated by God. Copper rings, bracelets and necklaces are advertised as "good luck" or "healing" articles. Turquoise jewelry fashioned in American Indian witchcraft designs are among those accursed objects and unfortunately have flooded the land. These, cause legal grounds and legal holds to be given to the demons for attaching on their dupes, their homes and families. A nationally distributed brand of jewelry is manufactured by a witches' coven. Similarly a popular cosmetic company is on of the leading pushers of zodiac and other occult jewelry. Believers should avoid anything having to do with such abominations as astrology and horoscopes (Deuteronomy 4:19; 18:10; Isaiah 47:13).

Some object particularly rings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry which has been given to a person by someone in witchcraft will have curses and / or bondage in them.

The occult (hidden secret) realm belongs to Satan and the demons and those involved are damaged by the contact. They receive a curse from God to the third and fourth generation. Occult dabbling will lead to all sort of problems from physical sickness to moral and mental troubles.

The Bible speaks of the danger of ignorance, in God's people (Hosea 4:6) and how risky it is even to bring things God classes as abomination into our homes (Deuteronomy 7:25, 26). Unfortunately, our generation is so ignorant of God's Word that it has been quite simple for Satan to attack us, almost at will. Many unknowingly invite demonic attack by dabbling in jewelry with occult symbolism and power.

An amulet (are said to guard against the third or "evil eye" used in witchcraft to inflict injury or harm) is worn to ward off evil spirits, while a talisman supposedly transmits power to the wearer. Often it is covered with figures or words which are alleged to bring good luck and avert evil. It is an insult of God for believers to wear such trinkets when they have a marvelous promise per Psalm 50:15 and 91:2, 11.

From: David R.
To: truth@farsinet.com
Subject: Thank you!!

Thank you so much for writing an article like this one!! I've had many questions answered by reading this article. I've always known that things like witchcraft and quija board were bad, but I didn't really know why or what it was. A lot of my relatives are really involved in this type of evilness and think nothing of it. When ever I'm around and they play the quija board I get a really bad feeling. Now I know why. I'll be sure to pass this information on to my family.

Thanks again!! David R.

From: Pamela W. & Christopher K.
To: truth@farsinet.com
Subject: May your testimony about Truth bear abundant fruit

God bless you for your testimony concerning the Truth which you are endeavoring to make to Persian people throughout the world by means of your internet pages.

May your efforts bear abundant, and good, fruit, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

From: Gail L.
To: truth@farsinet.com
Subject: I needed to hear this message.

Thank You,

I needed to hear this message. I have been so lonely and heartbroken since my divorce . God bless you and this message.


From: Bryan
To: truth@farsinet.com
Subject: Occult

My name is Bryan Hupperts and I was saved out of the occult. For reference, see me at http://www.igateway.net/~bryanh When I Was A god

I am also seeking stories for a new national Christian newspaper targeted towards LOST people.

Thanks! - Bryan

From: JOHN
To: truth_faq@farsinet.com
Subject: Witchcraft by pre-teens

I need help. My niece, who is 12 years old is involved in witcraft rituals such as candles, dressing in all black, looking through the Bible for references to Satan, talking among her friends about "having witch powers", etc. I know this is dangerous territory but her mother is also blinded. The mother has stopped her daughter from associating with one of these girls, but not all of them. They are Christians, the mother does not approve of witchcraft and is dead set against it but continues to allow her daughter to associate with others from this group. She thinks that it was just the one girl who was influencing her daughter. My niece is also permitted to be with boys unsupervised and rumours are raging at the school about their behavior. I have attempted to talk with my sister-in-law in the past about dangerous behavior and was laughed at and told that I was lying, such unrighteous and unholy acts could never be performed by her children. How can I help her see the folly of allowing such lifestyles into her home? I have prayed and have asked God to use me in his plan for this family. This girl's older sister had a rocky teenage life including sex, drugs and running away from home. I know that God is in control, but I grieve over this state of affairs, I want only to speak truth and be used by God to help this child back on the path. Her mother feels she is "the best mother" and her upbringing can not be questioned. Is there anything I can do other than pray? Thank you.

Dear Mr. John;

Thank you for your e-mail regarding your niece. We are very sorry to hear about her condition but we promise you to pray for her.

May we suggest the following as some assistance:

  1. Please do not give up to pray for her and her family. (1 Cor.15:58).
  2. Boost your prayer by fasting and praying. We highly recommend you read a book titled: "God Chosen Fast".
  3. Show love to her and her family. Let them see you as a sincere friend who wants to help them not as a judge.
  4. If they were interested we would be very glad to have a direct communication with them.
  5. Also, we highly recommend you would read a book, titled: " The Adversary, by Mark I. Bubeck" published by Moody Press. In it you would find tools and sample prayers for your spiritual warfare. You need to keep in mind that Satan and his demons have blinded your niece and her mother. The book which we mentioned can help you greatly.

Keep on praying, fasting, showing love, and witnessing to them. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED.

If we can be further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. In Christ, The Truth Team

From: Space Man
To: truth_faq@farsinet.com
Subject: witchcraft/medallions

I was wondering if medallions really do exist and if they do where would I look? - Space Man

Dear Spaceman!

Yes medallions do really exist. They are two kinds. The ones that people wear as adornment or jewelry with no spiritual meaning attached to them.And those that are sold and bought as a part of witchcraft and sorcery business to gain contact with demons, which are forbidden by God and are harmful. The question for you is : " Why don't you want ,instead of a medallions around your neck, to have the CROSS of Jesus in your heart by repenting from your sins and giving your life to Jesus as your Lord and Saviour?"

Thank You, The Truth Team

To: truth@farsinet.com
From: od...

What do you think about the comparison between abortion and abortionests and witchcraft. Your answer would be greatly helpful.

From: truth@farsinet.com
Dear od...;

Greetings! Thank you for your e-mail. Sorry for the delay in responding to you. You had asked: " What do we think about the comparison between abortion and witchcraft?"

Answer: First of all,the roots of both of them goes to Satan. The Word of God says: " You shall not murder"(Exodus 20:13). Also, Satan is described as "a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for their is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies"(John 8: 44). Abortion is a murder of unborn full human beings. No distinction is made in the Scripture between babes in the womb and those already born. The word "brephos", used to describe the baby in the Elizabeth's womb, is used interchangeably for both prenatal ( luke 1:41,44) and postnatal babies( luke 18:15-17). It means "an unborn child, embryo, a newborn child, an infant, berphos, a babe" (Thayers Greek English Lexicon, p.105).Therefore:

  • Abortion is a murder
  • Satan is the murderer from the beginning( the father of murders)
  • Therefore, abortion is from Satan.

    Just like witchcraft. You can see in the main article, "What is the Truth", and the content of the replies to the questions on the FAQs page, the satanic nature of witchcraft.

    One more thing. In the Bible, we read about one of the wicked kings of Israel, named Manasseh.The Bible says about him:

    "He sacrificed his own son in the fire, practiced sorcery and divination, and consulted mediums and spiritists. He did much evil in the eyes of the LORD, provoking him to anger." ( 2 Kings 21:6).

    In this verse we can see both an act of abortion and witchcraft.

    For more information you may want to read the followings:

    1. "Children...Things We Throw Away?" By Melody Green Last Days Ministries, Box 40, Lindale, TX 75771-0040
    2. "The Questions Most People Ask About Abortion", The author and the address are the same as above.

    If we can answer any other question please do not hesitate to contact us.

    May the Lord Bless You,
    The Truth Team.

    To: truth@farsinet.com
    Subject: Pray for the help of an angel??


    My name is Carlos, and I am a teenager from Mexico. I found your page and the information I got from it was very good, and very useful to me. I have a particular question. Is it considered witchcraft to light a candle and pray for the help of an angel? I would do that, not because I do not trust that God can help me, but because in this times, where angels have become very important, it is said that God created them in order to help us and protect us. What do you think? Is it good or bad to invoke the aid of the Archangels?


    Dear Carlos, Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The word of God, the Holy Bible, tells us very clearly that for any help, guidance, protection, wisdom, or basically any request we have, we should pray to God the Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Lord does not want us to pray to anybody or anything else for any kind of help, except to Himself. He alone, the God of the Bible, is the true God, and our protector and provider. To light a candle and pray to any kind of angel is occultism and a SIN. Angels were not created by God to be mediators between us and Him. If we have given our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, as our personal Lord and Saviour ( Saviour from the wrath of God the Father on sin), then through the Name of the Lord Jesus we have direct access to the throne of God, and through faith in Jesus, He has become our heavenly Father. When we have God, the creator of the universe, as our Father through faith in Jesus, we don't need to go to His creatures (angeles).

    We encourage you to set aside a time everyday to study the Bible and ask wisdom from God. "If any of you lack wisdom, he should ask GOD, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. But when he asks he must believe and not doubt."(James 1:5,6a). "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving present your request to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding , will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:6,7).

    We will pray for you. If I can answer any other question please do not hesitate to contact us.

    A very good book to read: Understanding the Occult, by Josh McDowell, by Here's Life Publishers.

    The Lord Jesus Bless You; The Truth Team

    From: truth@farsinet.com
    To: Riana M.
    Subject: I am confused and mad

    Dear R.M.;

    Thank you for your e-mail and the questions you had asked. Sorry for the delay in responding to you. By the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, I would try to help you to find the answers for your questions.

    1. Regarding your comment "Witchcraft is a religion...it does involve a god", Yes I agree with you. But not every religion is the right one and not every god or goddess, is the true God. There is only one true God and that is the God of the Bible and there is only One Way to Him and that is through repentance from sins and personal faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour who died on the cross for the penalty of our sins, was buried, but rose again both physically and spiritually from the grave after three days and He is now alive, seated at the right hand of the God the Father interceding for us. Why? because the Bible, which is the only Word of God, the only book which is inspired by God, proclaims that there is no other true God, the One who has created this whole universe and us, except the Lord Yahweh (The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit), and Jesus is the only way to Him. You can look at the following verses from the Bible: Genesis chapters 1&2; Exodus 20:2-3; John 14:6; Acts 4:12, just as an example of few verses regarding these facts.

      Now, you may ask why only the Bible is the true inspired book from God. Well, to answer this question I have to write a book for you, not an e-mail. I can tell you confidently, after having done years of studies, even in the original languages of the Bible, that the Bible is the only and absolute, inspired, infallible, inerrant word of God. I recommend the following book for your further study:

      1. Know Why You Believe by Paul Little, Inter-Varsity Press.
      2. How Can I Know If The Bible Is True? by Dan Story, Defending the Faith Library.

    2. Regarding your question:"Why do you think that just because they so happen to not go by your Bible, they are damned people that worship Satan?"
      Again, it is not just "my Bible" but it is "God's Bible", it is the only word of God (the true God), which says if we are worshipping any other so called god instead of the true God (the God of the Bible whose name is Yahweh and has manifested Himself to us as The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit), then we are worshipping a false god, and actually a demon, or Satan himself. Satan and his demons in order to deceive and enslave people masquerade themselves as gods or goddesses. And in this way Satan has produced a whole series of false religions, which witchcraft is one of them, to confuse people like you from finding the only true way, The Lord Jesus Christ. The confusion you are complaining about is the work of Satan who has deceived you into believing the lies of witchcraft. The consequence of worshipping Satan or any of his demons is a miserable living in this life and being separated from the true God, which is the meaning of hell, and eternal damnation in the next life.

      You can look at the following verses from the Bible: Exodus 20:3; Deuteronomy 5:7;1 Chronicles 16:26; 1 Corinthians 10:20; 2 Corinthians 11:14; Rev.9:20-21; Rev. 21:8.

    3. Regarding your question "Why God is so uptight and He is so everything is my way, or no way"?
      You have to keep in mind that the God of the Bible is the one who has created every thing and everybody. He is God and by the definition the one who sets all the rules. But remember that His laws are for our own good, for our own protection. He is all powerful, all knowing, and present everywhere, at all times. And He is also God of Love (1 John 4:8).He is also a holy God (Lev.11:44,45)and punishes sin (Romans 6:23). When you go to a doctor for a terminal illness, you have to follow what the doctor tells you to do in order to be cured. You can not say: "Oh, the doctor is too uptight. I want to do it my way." No! You have to do it the doctor's way or else you will not be cured and you will die. In the same way the great physician of our soul, the God of the Bible, has examines us and has said: "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God"(Romans 3:23). And: " The wages of sin (like the sin of witchcraft) is DEATH, but the gift of God is ETERNAL LIFE in Christ Jesus our Lord."(Romans 6:23).

    4. Regarding your question: "If we are all supposed to be Holy Like Him, why we weren't made that way so we could all live in peace?"
      The God of the Bible respects humans' will and freedom of choice. He wants individuals who by their own free choice choose to follow Him and not evil. He does not want robots. Yes, He has said: "Be holy, because I am holy"(Lev.11:44,45)., and that happens when we give our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Saviur(Saviour from the wrath of God on sin), AND you continue to grow in Him By studying and obeying His Word, the Bible, then you shall grow in holiness.

    5. Regarding your question: "Why is whatever makes us happy automatically sinning?"
      Nowhere in the Bible says what you mentioned. But remember that there is a big difference between empty happiness that this world tries to offer, or the death traps of witchcraft disguised as a so called "happiness" and the real, permanent, and meaningful JOY that the Lord Jesus Christ gives to those who repent from their sins and put their faith in Him as their Lord and Saviour.

    6. Question: "What if we do not find a lot of happiness in praying?"
      Answer: First of all, why are you so much concerned about finding happiness? Don't you think life has far greater purposes than just trying to seek happiness in everything and making happiness the sole measure of worth every experience? Also, what kind of "happiness" are you seeking? There is a great JOY in COMMUNION with God through biblical prayer. If you do not experience that, then I would suggest to search your own life. Are you born again? Have you personally accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour? Have you repented from your sins? Are you living with the Lord faithfully? I am not Talking about "being raised as a Christian" or "Being in the church" or "being baptized, and all that", as you mentioned in your message, even though they are important in their own place. Rather, I am talking about what the Bible defines as how a person can become a Christian, through the experience of being born again from the Spirit of God. You can not become a Christian just by going to the church, or being baptized. Do you turn to a hamburger when you go to a McDonald store? You can not be raised as a Christian if you are not a Christian already? Christians are not raised, they are born again from the Spirit of God, through repentance of their sins and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.

    7. Question: "Why can we live in peace as long as we do not sin?"
      Answer: Because we can not free ourselves from bondage of sins, by ourselves. We can not stop sinning. "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God"(Rom 3:23). "Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard its spots? Neither can YOU do good who are accustomed to doing evil."(Jeremiah 13:23).The only way to be freed from the bondage of sin is through the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."(John 8:36)

    8. Statement: "I am not sinning if I find so much happiness in witchcraft."
      Answer: Yes, you are. No matter what your experience is or will be, TRUTH of God stands firm. Witchcraft is a terrible sin in the sight of God (Read Leviticus 19:26,31; Revelation 21:8). Truth is NOT dependent on our emotional experience, but on facts that are revealed by the Creator of the universe, the God of the Bible. Hitler used to get lots of "happiness" by killing the Jewish people, so does that make him right?

    9. Question: "Do you know any witches?"
      Answer: Oh yes I do. And surely they are not nice people. They have damaged the lives of many people. The sin of witchcraft is like a deadly snake which has a beautiful skin. It just LOOKS nice.

    10. Question: "Why is God so mighty?"
      Answer: Because He is God. Read the Bible prayerfully and humbly in order to get to know Him.

    11. Question: "Why can't He stop all evil?... Why didn't He stop me from getting into this stall in the first place?"
      Answer: At the end He will stop all evil, (Rev 20 and Rev. 21:8). He has given us free will, the Bible, the leading of the Holy Spirit, and many warning signs to choose between good or evil, between good or witchcraft. You chose to go in the direction that you are going right now. But, here is the GOOD NEWS: IT IS NOT TOO LATE YET. One day it will be. But now, it is still the day of GRACE. So dear R.M., I urge you to put aside witchcraft, do not be deceived by the lies of the witches, and turn to The Great Shepherd of your soul, the Lord Jesus Christ, who loved you so much that He died for YOUR sins upon the cross.

    We will continue to pray for your salvation.
    With best wishes,
    Sincerely in Christ,
    The Truth Team

    From: M. R. W.
    Subject: My question to you....
    To: truth@farsinet.com

    To whome it may concern,

    How do I recognize if a person is demon possessed? Then what do I do?

    M. R. W.

    From: truth@farsinet.com
    To: M. R. W.
    Subject: How do I recognize if a person is demon possessed...

    Dear Michael; Greetings and Merry Christmas,

    You had a question about how you can recognize if a person is demon possessed and what you can do if that is so. I give you some symptoms which may indicate demonic possession. I have used a very useful book for obtaining this list. The name of the book is :"The Adversary" by Mark Bubeck, Moody Press.You may want to look at the pages 144-148. Here is a brief version of the possible demonic symptoms. I say "possible", because ultimately you have to relay on the leading of the Holy Spirit for the answer. Well here it is:

    1. A compulsive desire to curse the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit.
    2. A revulsion against the Bible.
    3. Compulsive suicidal or murderous thoughts.
    4. Deep feelings of bitterness and hatred toward those for whom one has no reason to feel that way (e.g., the Jews, the church, strong Christian leaders).
    5. Any compulsive temptation which seeks to force you to thought or behavior which you truly do not want to think or do.
    6. Compulsive desires to tear other people down even if it means lying to do so.
    7. Terrifying feelings of guilt and worthlessness even after honest confession of sin and failure is made to the Lord.
    8. Certain physical symptoms which may appear suddenly or pass quickly for which ther can be found no medical or physiological reason.
    9. Deep depression and despondency.
    10. Terrifying seizures of panic and other abnormal fears.
    you can look at the Bubeck's book for a complete list. About your second part of the question: well, the only way to deal with demonic possessed people is :Much praying and fasting.First of all you need to get yourself prepared for such a spiritual confrontation.You need to make sure there in no unconfessed sin in your life. Second, you need to pray and fast that the individual would be willing to be delivered.Then there is need for an aggressive prayers in the presence of the individual. I would suggest do not do this by yourself. Have some strong mature Christians to be with you at the deliverance session.

    Again I would strongly suggest these books:

    1. "The Adversary" by Mark Bubeck, Moody Press.
    2. "Overcoming the Adversary" by Mark Bubeck, Moody Press.

    If I can answer any other question or if I can be an assistance to you in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact me. The Lord Bless You, "The Truth" Ministry Team

    To: truth@farsinet.com
    Subject: Thank You

    I was/am very depressed over a recent breakup with the love of my life (we were together for 6 years) I have prayed for the lord's help but in dispair I thought to seek out the counsel of psychics. The lord acts in mysterous ways, I selected what I thought was a psychic site and in fact was guided to you. Your writing was an inspiration and I have deceided to ask god to grant me his will and to help me through these trying times. GOD BLESS and Thank You.

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    Dear Friends:

    This article has been distributed to thousands of people in many countries around the world. The intention of the writer is to convey God's warning about witchcraft, and where it all ends. It refers to those who practice the occult and those who follow them. The writer prays that the reader will invite Jesus Christ into his/her life, be freed from all bondage and be filled with the joy, righteousness and the peace of God.

    This article is copy right free not for sale. You may link to your website or reproduce and distribute it to anyone, in any quantity you'd like. May God bless you a hundred fold.

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