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Persian / Iranian / Farsi Names
Pronounciation guideline & Name Meaning

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Pronounciation Notes


like asb, bandeh, andy


like bArAn, bAzAr, AftAb, fAther


like morgh, AghA


like zhAleh (the 'zh' is pronounced like the 's' in 'vision')

Persian / Iranian / Farsi Boy Names
Notes:(A) in front of a name means the name has an Arabic origin
abbAs (A) Frowning, looking austere; also means lion
abou-ali Name of a famous Iranian scientist and philosopher
Abtin A character in Shahnameh, Fereidoun's father
Adel (A) Righteous
afshAr ???
afshin ???
ahmad (A) Most praiseworthy
akbar (A) Big
ali (A) High; also Mohammad's son-in-law
ali-dAd ???
amin (A) Honest
amir King, Emir
amjad (A) Most excellent, glorious
anoush ???
anoushiravAn Name of a Persian king
ArAd Name of an angel
ArAm Quiet
Arash A hero in Persian folklore (He sacrificed
ardalAn ???
ardavAn A character in Shahnameh
ardeshir A character in Shahnameh
Aref (A) Wise, intelligent
ArmAn Ideal, hope, aspiration
Armeen A character in Shahnameh
arsalAn Lion
arshiA Throne
AryA Aryan
arzhang A character in Shahnameh
asad (A) Lion
asghar (A) Small
ashkAn ???
Atash Fire
Aurang/Orang Wisdom, understanding
AzAd Free
BAbak A character in Shahnameh
Bahman Name of the 11th month of the Iranian calender
BahrAm A character in Shahnameh; also the planet Mars
BAmdAd Early Morning
BAmeen ???
BamshAd ???
BardiA Name of a Prince
BehnAm Reputable (someone with honorable name)
BehrAd ???
Behrang Good color
Behrouz Fortunate, lucky
BehzAd ???
Bizhan/Bijan A character in Shahnameh
BornA Young, youthful
Borzoo ???
Bozorgmehr A character in Shahnameh
Changeez Chengiz Khan
Cirrus/Cyrus Kourosh, first king of Iran
DAdbeh ???
Danush ???
DArA Wealthy; also a character in Shahnameh
DArAb A character in Shahnameh
DAriush/Daryush Name of Persian king
DAvood David
Ebi (A) Paternal
EbrAhim (A) Abraham
EhsAn (A) Goodness
EmAd (A) Confidence
Esfandyar/Esfandiar A character in Shahnameh
EsmAeel (A) Ishmael (son of Abraham)
FarAmarz A character in Shahnameh
FarAz Above, up, upon, on the top
Farbod Right, orthodox
FardAd ???
Fardin ???
FarhAd A character in Shahnameh
Farhang Good-breeding
Fariborz A character in Shahnameh
Farid Unique
FarjAd Excellent, eminent in learning
Farrokh Happy, fortunate
FarrokhzAd Happily born
FarshAd Happy
Farshid/Farsheed ???
FarzAd Splendid birth
FarzAm Worthy, befitting
FarzAn Wise
Farzin/Farzeen Learned
Ferdows Paradise
Fereydoon A character in Shahnameh
Firouz Victorious
Foroohar Essence
Foroud/Forood A character in Shahnameh
Giv A character in Shahnameh
GhobAd A character in Shahnameh
GoshtAsb A character in Shahnameh
Goudarz A character in Shahnameh
Habib (A) Friend
HAdi (A) Guide, leader
HAfez Protector
HAmed (A) A praiser
HAmi Protector, defender
Hamid (A) Praiseworthy
Hassan (A) Good
HedAyat Guide
HeerAd/HirAd Appearing fresh and healthy
HesAm (A) A sharp sword
Heydar (A) Lion
HomAyoon Royal, fortunate
Hooman ???
HoomAn/HumAn A character in Shahnameh
Hooshang A character in Shahnameh
Hooshmand Wise
HooshyAr Wise
Hootan ???
Hormoz A character in Shahnameh
Hossein (A) Good
Iraj A character in Shahnameh
ImAn Faith
JahAndAr Possessor of the World
JahAngir Conquerer of the World
JahAnshah King/Emperor of the World
Jafar (A) A river
JalAl (A) Greatness
Jalil (A) Great
Jamshid A character in Shahnameh,A king
JavAd (A) Liberal
JAveed Living forever
KAmbiz Fortunate
KAmrAn Successful, fortunate
KAmshAd Happy wish/desire
KAmyAr Successful
KamAl Perfection, excellence, completion, utmost level
Karim (A) Generous
KasrA A character in Shahnameh
KAveh A character in Shahnameh (a great hero)
KAvoos A character in Shahnameh
Key-ghobAd A character in Shahnameh
Key-khosrow A character in Shahnameh
KeyvAn/KayvAn World, universe
KhashAyAr Name of a Persian king
KhodA-dAd God-given
Khosrow A character in Shahnameh
KiA King, protecter, defender
KiAn/KiyAn The kings; Surname of the
2nd dynasty of the Persian kings
KiAnoosh A character in Shahnameh
KiArash ???
Kiumars/Keyumars A character in Shahnameh
KoohyAr ???
KooshA Diligent
Kourosh First king of Iran
Kouros ???
MAkAn ???
Mahbod ???
Mahmood/Mahmoud (A) Praised
MahyAr A character in Shahnameh
Majid (A) Great, honourable
MAnee/MAni A painter who later claimed to be a prophet
Manouchehr A character in Shahnameh
Mansoor (A) Defended, protected by God
Massoud (A) Fortunate, prsperous, happy
MAziAr ???
Mehdi/Mahdi (A) Guided
MehrAb A character in Shahnameh
Mehrak A character in Shahnameh
MehrAn A character in Shahnameh
Mehrang ???
MehrdAd Gift of the sun
MehrzAd The offspring of the sun
MilAd Birth; Christmas
Mohammad (A) Highly praised; also name of the Prophet of Islam
Mohsen (A) One who does good
MojtabA/MujtabA (A) Chosen
MorAd Desire, wish
MortezA (A) Chosen
MustafA (A) Chosen
NAder (A) Rare
NAmdAr Famous
NAmvar Famous
NarimAn A character in Shahnameh (ZAl's grandfather)
NAser (A) Assister, friend
Navid Glad tidings, good news
NimA Small
NiyooshA A listener
Nouri Light
NoushzAd Happily born
Omid/Omeed Hope
ParhAm Abraham
PArsA Pure, chaste,devout, holy; Persian
Parviz A character in Shahnameh
PAshA A Turkish name meaning a lord
PayAm Message
PezhmAn/PejmAn Broken-hearted, sad
PuzhmAn/PujmAn Desire, wish
PeymAn Promise
Pirooz/Piruz Victorious; also a character in Shahnameh
PouriyA ???
PouyA To search, searcher
Rahim (A) Merciful
RakhshAn Flashing
RAmbod ???
RAmin ---
RAmtin Famous musician in the Sassanid Dynasty
Rashid/Rasheed (A) Brave
RezA (A) Will, consent, resignation
Roozbeh Fortunate
Rostam A hero in Shahnameh
SAdegh (A) Sincere
SadrA/Sadri Chief seat, judge
Saeed Happy, prosperous, lucky
SAlAr Leader
sAm A character in Shahnameh (Rostam's grandfather)
SalmAn (A) Name of a friend of Ali
SAmAn Home, welfare
SAmi High, Elevated
Sanjar Prince, emperor, king
SAsAn Founder of the Sasani dynasty
SattAr (A) Concealer
Sepehr Sky
ShahAb Shooting star, meteor
ShahbAz Royal falcon
ShAheen Falcon
ShahkAm The king's wish
ShahrAm king Ram
ShahrdAd Gift of the city
ShahriAr/ShahryAr The King
ShAhrokh Face of the king
Shahruz/Shahrooz A great river
ShahyAr Friend of the king
ShApour A character in Shahnameh
ShAyA Worthy
ShAyAn Worthy, deserving, meriting
Shervin/Sherveen ???
SiAmak Black-haired man
SiAvosh/Siavash A character in Shahnameh
SinA (A) Sinai
Soheil (A) Star
SohrAb A character in Shahnameh (Rostam's son)
Soroush/Sorush Messenger angel
TAher (A) Pure, chaste, clean
Tahmouress Name of a Persian king
TahmAseb A character in Shahnameh
Teymour ???
TirdAd ???
Touraj/Tooraj A character in Shahnameh
VafA (A) Loyalty, faithfulness
VarshAsb ???
VishtAsb ???
Yaghoub (A) Jacob
Yahya (A) John
YAshAr Persian-Azarbayjani origin meaning lives for ever
Youness (A) Jonas
Yousef (A) Joseph
ZakariA Zachary
ZAl A character in Shahnameh (Rostam's father)
ZAmyAd ???
Zand ???
Zartosht Zoroaster
ZiA (A) Light

Persian / Iranian / Farsi Girl Names
Notes:(A) in front of a name means the it has an Arabic origin
Afareen Praise; also means to create
afsAneh A fairy tale
afsar Crown
afshAn To sprinkle
afsoon Charm, spell, bewitchment
aghigh (A) Name of a stone
Ahou/Ahoo Deer
akhtar Star; also name of a flower
akram (A) Honourable; great
AlAleh A flower
AnAhitA Goddess of water
anusheh/anoosheh Happy, fortunate
ArA Ornament, decoration
Arezoo Wish
arghavAn Redish Purple
armaghAn Gift
ashraf (A) Nobler or Noblest
AsA Like, similar to
asal Honey
Assieh The name of Pharoah's wife who educated Moses
Atefeh (A) Affection
atifeh (A) ???
AtoosA Name of an Iranian princess
AvA Voice,call
Avizeh A pendant
AzAdeh Free
Azin Accessories (usually jewlery)
AzitA Name of an Iranian princess
Azar Fire, 9th month of the Iranian calendar
BahAr Spring (season)
BahArak Small Spring (season)
BahAreh Someone who brings the spring (or a sprint flower)
BahAmin/BahAmeen Spring
Banafsheh A flower (Violet)
BAnou Lady
BeetA/BitA Unique
BehnAz Best coquetry
Behrokh Best face
BehbahA Best price
Bolour Crystal
Bousseh Kiss
ChalipA Cross
DaryA Sea
DelArAm Quiet-hearted
Delbar Charming, Sweetheart, heart-ravisher
Delkash Fascinating, attractive
DeenA/DinA Dinah; also means judge
DonyA World
Dorri A sparkling star glittering like a gem
EhterAm (A) Respect
ElAheh (A) Goddess
ElhAm (A) Inspiration, revelation
ElnAz ???
Fakhri (A) Glory
Farah (A) Joy, hapiness, cheerfulness
FarahnAz Joy
Farangis A female character in Shahnameh
FaribA Charming, enticing
Farideh Unique, precious
Farkhondeh Happy, joyous
Farrin Glorified
FarzAneh Wise
FarAnak A character in Shahnameh, Fereidoun's mother
FarnAz Splendid coquetry, glorious coquetry
FAtemeh (A) The name of Mohammad's daughter
Fereshteh Angel
FilA Lover
Firouzeh/Feerouzeh Turquoise
FojAn/FozhAn A loud voice or sound
Forough Brightness
ForouzAn Shining
Forouzandeh Shining
GelAreh Eyes
Ghamzeh Coquetry
GhAssedak A flower (Dandelion)
GhazAl Gazelle
GhazAleh Gazelle
Ghodsi Holy, sacred, angel
Ghoncheh Bud of the flower
Gisou/Geesou Women's hair,ringlet,tress
GitA/GuitA A kind of song
Giti/Guiti World, universe
GolbahAr Spring flower
Goli Rose-colored, rosy
GolnAr Flower of the Pomegranate tree
GolnAz Cute like a flower
GolnessA ???
Golpari ???
Golshan A flower garden
GordiA A female character in Shahnameh
Habibeh (A) Beloved
HAideh (A) Repentent
HAleh (A) Halo
Hamideh (A) Praiseworthy
Hastee/Hasti Existance
Hediyeh Gift
HengAmeh Uproar, wonder, marvel causing admiration
HodA (A) ???
HomA Phoenix, A bird from fables (symbolizes good omen)
HomeirA (A) ???
Hormat (A) Honour
Houri Fairy
ImAn (A) Faith
IrAn Iran
IrAn-dokht Daughter of Iran
Jannat (A) Paradise
Jamileh (A) Excellent talents
JavAneh Sprout, young
KatAyoun A female character in Shahnameh
KhandAn Smiling
KhAtereh Memory
Khorsheed Sun
Khojassteh Royal
KimiyA Alchemy
KobrA (A) Major
Kowkab/Kokab (A) Star, celestial body
LAdan A flower
LAleh Tulip
LeylA/LailA/LeilA (A) Nocturnal
Leily/Layly/Laily Nocturnal, one who does anything by night
LidA ???
LilA The lilac tree
Lily/Lili A flower
Mahasti The moon's being
MAhdokht Daughter of the moon
MahlaghA/MahleghA (A) Face of the moon
Maheen/Mahin Greatest
MAhrokh Whose face is like the moon, beautiful
MahkAmeh ???
MahnAz The moon's glory
Mahnoosh ???
Mahsheed Moon, moonlight
MahsA Like the moon
MahtA Moon-like
MahtAb Moonlight
Mahvash Moon-like; a beauty
Malakeh Queen
Maliheh (A) Beautiful
MAnA Alike, similar; also name of a God
MandAna Name of a princess
MAnee/MAni A painter who later claimed to be a prophet
Manizheh A legendary female character in Shahnameh
MarjAn Coral
MarjAneh Coral
Marmar Marble
Maryam/Mariam A flower (Tuberose)
Marzieh (A) Satisfactory, agreeable
Masoumeh (A) Sinless, Innocent
MastAneh Drunken (More like joyful)
Mastoureh (A) Veiled, chaste
MehrAngiz To cause affection
MehrnAz The sun's glory
Mehrnoosh ???
Mehry Sun; also Affectionate, kind
MeshiA Butter made of sheep's milk
MinA Enamel,blue glass(lapis lazuli)
Minoo Paradise, heaven
MitrA Name of a God/Goddess
MozhgAn Eyelashes
Mozhdeh Good news
MonA Name of a God
Moneer/Monir (A) Shining
Moneereh/Monireh (A) Shining
MorvAreed Pearl
NAdereh (A) Rare
Naghmeh Melody, song, tune
NahAl A young plant
NAheed/NAhid A star, the planet Venus
Nargess A flower (Narcissus )
Naseem/Nasim (A) Breeze
NastarAn A flower much like a wild rose
Nasreen/Nasrin A flower (a wild rose)
NavA Tune
Nayyer Radiant
NAzAfarin Producing delight
NAzanin Sweetheart
NAzgol Cute flower
NAzhin Name of a tree
NAzy Cute
NAzillA Cute
Negeen/Negin The precious stone on a ring or other Jewlery
NegAr Sweetheart
NegAh Look
NedA Voice,call
NeshAt (A) Joy
Niloufar A flower (Water Lily)
Niki Goodness
Nikoo/Nikou Good, Beautiful
NiyooshA A listener
Noor/Nour Light
Noushin Sweet
NoushAfarin Creator of joy
Oldooz A Persian-Azerbaijani name meaning star
Omeed/Omid Hope
Oranous One of the 9 solar plannets
Orkideh Orchid
Padideh A phenomenon
Parand Silk
Parastoo A bird (Swallow)
Paree/Pari Fairy
Pareechehr Having a face like a fairy (beautiful)
Pareerou Having a face like a fairy (beautiful)
PareesA/ParisA Like a fairy
Pareevash Fairy-faced
Parto Ray of light
ParvAneh Butterfly
Parvin Name of a constellation
PegAh Dawn
PeymAneh Wine cup
Peyvand A joint, a connection
Pouneh/Pooneh A flower
Poupak A kind of bird
PourAn A successor
PourAn-dokht A female character in Shahnameh
Pouri A successor
RahA Free
RanA (A) Elegant, of elegant stature
RAmesh Rest; cheerfulness
RasA Expressive
RavAn Soul, spirit
RimA/ReemA ???
ReyhAneh/RayhAneh (A) A flower
RobAbeh (A) Name of an instrument
Roshanak Small light
RoudAbeh A character in ShahnAmeh (Rostam's mother)
RoxAnA/RoksAnA light (in farsi roshanAi)
Name of a Iranian princess
the reason Alexander The Great destroyed persepolis (so they say!)
RoyA (A) Dream, vision
SabA (A) Zephyr; a gentle breeze
Sadaf (A) Sea Shell
Saeedeh (A) Happy, prosperous,lucky
Sahar (A) Dawn
SahbA Wine
SAghar Wine cup
SalmA (A) Sweetheart
SAlomeh Salomeh
Saman Jasmin
SamilA ???
Samin/Sameen (A) Precious, expensive
SamirA ???
Samireh (A) Evening entertainments
Sanam (A) Idol
SAnAz A flower
SArA (A) Sarah; also pure, excellent
(applied to gold, ambergris, musk)
SarvenAz Name of a tall, slender tree; also a beautiful woman
SAyeh Shade, Shadow
SeemA/SimA Face
SeetA/SitA ???
Sepeedeh/Sepideh Dawn (the first appearance of light in the morning)
SetAreh Star
ShAdAn Happy, joyful
ShAdee/ShAdi Happiness
Shabnam Dew
ShaghAyegh (A) A flower (Poppy)
Shahin/Shaheen Royal
ShahlA A dark-eyed woman
ShAhzAdeh Princess
ShahnAz The king's loved/favorite one
ShahrbAnou Lady of the town (good)
ShahrnAz The town's loved/favorite one
ShahrzAd City-born
Shalizeh ???
Shams Sun
SharAreh Single spark
Sheefteh Enamoured, fascinated, charmed, captivated
Shervin ???
SheydA Lovesick
SheevA/ShivA Charming
Shideh/Sheedeh Bright, luminous; the sun
ShimA ???
Shirin/Shireen Sweet; pleasant, gentle; delicate
Shirin-bAnoo Sweet lady
Sholeh Flame
Shohreh (A) Famous
Shokoufeh Blossom
Shokouh Splendour; magnificence
ShoukA A kind of deer
Simin Silvery, made of silver
Sogand Oath, Pledge
SoheilA (A) Star
SorayA Name of a constellation
SoudAbeh A legendary female character in Shahnameh
SoulmAz A Persian-Azerbaijani name meaning never wilts
Souri/Suri Red Rose
Sussan/Soussan A flower, Lily of the valley
SouzAn Burning, flaming
TAhereh (A) Pure, chaste, clean
Tahmineh A female character in Shahnameh,Rostam's wife
TalA Gold
TalAyeh (A) Golden ray of sun; also advance-guard
TannAz (A) Coquettish
TArA Star
TarAneh Song
TarsA A worshipper of fire; also a Christian
Tayyebeh (A) Good deed
TeenA/TinA Clay
ToubA/ToobA (A) Name of a tree in paradise; also excellent, best
ToucA Name of a bird (Toucan)
TourAn Name of a place in Shahnameh
VandA Wish, desire
Vida/Veeda Found, evident; also little, few
YaldA Name of the longest night of the year
YAsaman Jasmin
YAss A flower, Jasmin
YegAneh Unique, single
YektA Unique, single
ZahrA (A) Boldness
Zari Brocaded Silk
Zarrin Golden
Zarrin-dokht Golden girl
ZeebA/ZibA Beautiful
zhAleh/JAleh Dew
Zhila/JillA ???
Zohreh The planet Venus
ZoyA ???

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