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  • Iran's Past and Present - A video clip of Iran's History, People, Traditions, Architecture, Poetry,... Iran's Past and Present Video Clip
  • A Brief History of Iran
    An excellent site with pictures and an in depth history of Iran from the ancient times up to the near present.
  • Chronology of Persian History
    Major events throughout the history of Persia.
  • Cyrus the Great
    The history of Cyrus the Great along with translations of ancient texts.
  • History of Ecbatana
    Iran's Ancient Capital City (Modern Hamadan).
  • Ferdowsi
    The history of the world famous Iranian poet.
  • Ganjnameh
    The Achaemenian Ganjnameh [Treasure Inventory] Contains content in Farsi
  • History of Christians in Iran
    The history of Iranian Christians along with Iran and Persia in the Bible.
  • History of the Persian New Year Contains content in Farsi
    The history of Nowrouz in Farsi.
  • History and origion of Nazarenes in Iran
    Interesting article on the origins and history of Iranian Christians.
  • Iran in the Bible
    The Bible's references to Persia.
  • Iran - A Country Study Cool and Important Link!!
    US Library of Congress - History of Iran, descriptions of social structures, religious life, economy, and much more.
  • History of Mashhad
    The history of Iran's Holy City and its many sites.
  • Nader Shah
    The history of the king who founded the Afshar dynasty, 1736-1747 A.D.
  • NoRooz
    NoRuz, NowRouz: Persian New Year - First day of Spring. History and traditions of the New Year.
  • Persia And The Bible
    Excerpts from the book by Edwin M. Yamauchi.
  • Persian Kings in the Bible
    The Bible's references to Persian Kings.
  • Qajar Site
    Anoshiravan Sepahbody Qajar,...
    Many useful links and interesting historical stories.
  • Tambr
    Online museum of Persian stamps and their history.
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