In previous session we learned how to link an image to an URL. Imagemap fature of HTML allows us to assign different URLs to different parf the same image. We can define regions (rectangular, circle, polygon) and assign each to a specific URL. We can also define a default URL which would apply to all other regions of the image.

<map name="map1">
    <area shape=rect coords="91,100,317,217" href="">
    <area shape=circle coords="46,295,34,1" href="">
    <area shape=polygon coords="48,229,170,317"  href="">
    <area shape=default   href="">
<img src="../../images/whitehouse.gif" width="500" height="449" align="bottom" naturalsizeflag="3" border=0 alt="White House" usemap="#map1" ismap>
White House

Example II