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Family Issues

  • Bonyad-e Kudak - Child Foundation
    Established in 1994, child foundation is an international non-profit organization with the simple objective of helping children stay in school. This is achieved by providing food, shelter, clothing, educational needs, medical help, and other services to talented, needy children.
    Mission: To provide basic living essentials such as food, shelter, clothing and medical needs so that young boys and girls can continue their education, rather than being forced to engage in demeaning jobs or early marriages.
  • Madar Pedar
    Group of Iranian parents who network and discuss their concerns about raising bi-cultural children.
  • Shadzi - Inspirational Daily Messages in Persian (Farsi) Farsi Inspirational daily messages
    Daily Shadzi, is a brief daily reminder of your mission to excel the journey of your life in the fullest respect. Being the true artist of the art your own life, you need to master your techniques. And Daily Shadzi can, hopefully, empower your passion and bliss to excel in this art.
  • Shohar Khaleh
    Website for Foreign Husbands of Iranian Women
  • Farsi Website about Iranian Youth
    A Persian Website by the Iranian Youth for the Iranian Youth
  • ZanAmu
    Website for Foreign Wives of Iranian Men Chat

Single Networks Beating Heart

  • Irnian Personals Cool Sites for Iranian Singles
  • Iranian Singles Connection - Iranian Singles and Personals, for Online Dating - FREE Guest Membership New Listing in the Persina Portal
  • Iranian Singles Network
    Over 7200 Members! Social network of Iranian singles across the world.
  • Iran Match
    If you are looking for dating, romance and friendship with other Iranian people around the world, you have come to the right place! Using "IRAN Match", you will find other Iranian girls and boys looking for the same kind of relationship as you are, for FREE!
    The premiere site for international singles! Meet men and women from Iran living around the world through our multi-lingual online service.
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